Best No Wifi Games for Free 2019

[Update] 45+ Best No Wifi Games for Free 2019:

There are many games for Android and iOS that are no wifi games free. Game industries are rapidly evolving and every 2nd or 3rd game that you download from play store requires an internet connection. You can’t play the game fully without internet or wifi. Developers don’t want to create offline games due to piracy problems. Offline games for Android and iOS can easily be copied and distributed for free. We can’t play our favorite games when there is no internet. Internet is not available everywhere. You won’t get wifi in public transports and on the road everywhere. You get bored and you can’t play your favorite game now because of no internet. We have created a list of No Wifi games free that you can enjoy whenever you don’t have internet. These games that don’t need WiFi are really interesting and you will surely love them. 

Offline games are getting very popular among gamers having low internet connection. There are many countries where internet connection isn’t so good hence they are really popular there and it contributes to millions of download in those countries. Many games are available for both iOS and Android. There are few good games which are available only for Android or iOS. We will also list few paid offline games for Android and iOS. These free no wifi games are high in quality and really good to play in free time.

free games without internet

Here is the whole list of free no wifi games to enjoy :

  1. 4 Pics 1 Word

    4 Pics 1 word is a good no wifi games free for people who want to train their mind. You will be provided with 4 images on the screen. You need to consider all the images properly. There will be an incomplete word given below the images. Few letters are also there which you can use to complete the above word which is associated with the images. If your guess is wrong the letter below will turn red and you have to guess again. You will get 3 coins for a successful guess and you get to the next level.  You can use these coins for hints in upcoming levels.You can send some hard ones to your friends as well on Facebook. They can help you to solve that puzzle. 4 Pics 1 word is an addictive kind of game which makes your mind work at full power. It’s available for free on Android and iOS.Download 4 Pics 1 Word for Android | Download 4 Pics 1 Word for iOS

  2. Word Cookies

    Word cookies is game for people who want to improve their vocabulary. The word cookies game comes with an interesting graphics. You will see a frying pan with some letters inside it. You need to combine letters in different directions to make a successful word. There are empty spaces at the above frying pan which will be filled with words of the pan. You have to either find words or even sentences.word cookies game without wifiYou won’t get bored with this. There are many levels. With each successful level you will get coins which you can use for hints in upcoming levels. There are some special level in the game through which you will get additional coins to get help in next levels. Game is available for both Android and iOS.
    Download Word Cookies for Android | Download Word Cookies for iOS


  3. JetPack Joyride

    Jetpack Joyride is one of the best offline game for android and iOS. It’s an endless arcade game with beautiful graphics. You will never get bored of it. There is someone called barry and he gets into a science lab. He gets a jetpack and starts his adventures. There are beautiful landscapes into the game. There is always something happening on the screen. You are either shooting at something or turning away from others with many explosions, falls, breaks. It’s gets really exciting to play  such a game. A game having a good graphics is a real eye soother.  You can play jetpack joyride without internet which is what we want. The game is absolutely free with in-app purchases.Download Jetpack Joyride for Android | Download JetPack Joyride for iOS

  4. Smash Hit

    Smash Hit is one of the . It’s an endless arcade game in which you have to break glasses with limited balls. The camera will keep moving forward and obstructions will keep coming in the form of glass. You have to break them with the help of balls. You have to do it with limited number of balls. If number of ball finishes the game will end. That’s why it’s very important to destroy obstacles accurately. The graphics of this game is really good. The behaviour of the balls and glasses seem realistic. It’s not very detail oriented but looks so good to eye. It’s one of the free games without wifi.Download SmashHit for Android | Download SmashHit for iOS

  5. Doodle Jump

    Doodle jump is a simple arcade game about an alien who wants to climb higher. There are small colored poles on which he has to jump to climb higher. Some of the poles are static while others keep moving. If the Doodle falls then the game ends. Once you start playing the game you always want to climb higher and higher and that’s what makes the game really addictive. It doesn’t requires much brain work. It’s one of the games that don’t need WiFi and a good timepass. It’s a free game with in app purchases.Download Doodle Jump for iOS | Download Doodle Jump for Android

  6. Google Dinosaur Game

    dinosaur game without wifi neededGoogle Dinosaur is one of the best non wifi games that you can play in the browser. The only thing that you need is the Google Chrome browser. You can download Google chrome for Android and iOS for free. Open the Google Chrome browser. Open a site and it will show error. Press spacebar and the game will start. It’s an endless game that you can play and keep scoring points. This Free no wifi game is interesting and challenging.Download Doodle Jump for iOS | Download Doodle Jump for Android

  7. Brothers in Arms 3

    Brothers in Arms 3 is also one of the best non wifi games that you can play offline as well as online. It’s available for both iOS and Android. It’s based on world war 2. You have to complete mission to get to the next level of the game. It has an action packed gameline that you will surely love. It’s not like any other sniper shooting game. You have to keep moving forward and complete missions. Graphics of the game is too good. It’s one of the best no wifi games in action category that you will play.Download Brothers in Arms 3 for Android | Download Brothers in Arms 3 for iOS

  8. Asphalt 8

    Asphalt 8 is one of the best racing game available for both iOS and Android that you can play. It can be played without wifi. There are more than 300 million players who are playing it. It’s a very popular game. Asphalt 8 has mind blowing graphics and amazing card to race with. You also need a high configuration device to play this no wifi game. It required more than 1 GB of memory to download and install this game. If you love racing then you must install this best no wifi game on your phone. You can read more about this game on Wikipedia.

  9. Temple Run 2

    temple run 2You must have heard about temple run series games. Temple run is among the best no wifi games of endless run. You should play temple run 2 instead of 1. The game is available from many years and has been download over a zillion time with an average rating of 4.3. It proves how popular it is. You have to keep running and getting points on the way. Many obstacles will come in the way and you have to pass them all to keep going ahead in the game. You gonna love this game if you haven’t played. The graphics of this game is also very good. It’s one of the best in free wifi games category.Download Temple run for iOS | Download Temple Run for Android

  10. Fruit Ninja:-

    Fruit ninja offline games for Android phone Fruit Ninja is probably one of the best games without wifi. You can play Fruit Ninja without internet. It’s a very popular game among adults and children. It can be played on phones, tablets and on PC as well. The game isn’t very complex and you have to simply cut the fruits and berries with a sword that appear on the screen. Apples, oranges, kiwi, peaches, strawberries, watermelons, coconuts, bananas, pineapples and other fruits will keep appearing on the screen. You have to use your finger touch like a sword to cut all those fruits. The last thing you have to keep in mind that you don’t have to cut bombs appearing on the screen. As soon as you will cut the bomb the game will be over.The graphics and sound in the game are too amazing. The sound seems too real when fruit cuts on the screen. You gonna love this offline game.Download Fruit Ninja for Android | Download Fruit Ninja for iOS

  11. Shadow Fight 2shadow fight non wifi game

  12.     Shadow fight 2 is an action game without wifi in which you have to kill your enemies. You get to travel in 6 different world in the game. You have all kinds of weapons available with you to kill and destroy evil in all 6 worlds. The game also provides some magical powers to you. The main thing about this offline game is that you are a shadow and you have to fight shadows as assassins don’t have a face. Shadow fight 2 game don’t need wifi and it’s one of the best action game that you can have on your phone.Download Shadow fight 2 for Android | Download Shadow fight 2 for iOS
  13. Angry Birds 2:

    If you are not pretty new to the gaming world of smartphone then you already know about this free wifi game which is very popular across the world. Angry birds must have been downloaded over a billion times on playstore. There are 100’s of levels to play with. You can also challenge other players in the world but it requires an internet connection.angry birdsPhysics is highly involved in this game. You have to guess angles and what birds to throw to destroy pigs. You can’t go to next level that easily. Some levels will take much of your time as you won’t be able to destroy pigs even after many chances. Angles and type of bird being thrown are very important to keep moving ahead in this offline game. You must try this non wifi game.Download Angry Birds 2 for Android | Download Angry Birds 2 for iOS

  14. Duet:-

    Duet is one of the top no wifi games free in arcade category. There is a chance that you haven’t heard about it. Duet can be played without internet. It has a very simple interface with two balls and appearing obstacles. You have to keep moving those balls without hitting those obstacles. You will require very quick response to avoid getting hit in the obstacle. It’s not very easy to keep moving forward. Sync and quick response is must in this best no wifi games.Download Duet for Android | Download Duet for iOS

  15. Candy Crush Saga

    Candy crush saga is one of the most famous and popular no wifi games free across the world. There is no end of levels in this game. You can keep playing as much as you want while crossing the levels. Many of the levels aren’t that easy to pass. You must have heard about this game. It can be played without internet on phones, tablets and PC. You have to crush jellies in this game in many levels while other levels have different targets to complete.You can play this game without wifi but there are some levels where you need more coins and if you don’t have much then you require internet connection to purchase them online. There are total of 5 lives that you get. If you consume them all then you have to wait for sometime to get them back and you can keep playing after that.Download Candy Crush Saga for Android | Download Candy Crush for iOS

  16. Subway Surfer

    game without wifi subway surferSubway surfer is another popular game across the world in which you don’t require wifi connection to play. It’s an endless running game. You can play as long as you want while getting points along the way and passing all the obstacles to keep running successfully in the forward direction. The graphics, location, sound and character of this game is simply amazing. It’s suitable for adults and children and it doesn’t need wifi. You also get some powers in the game where you can take long jumps, get magnet to take points automatically and few others. Concept is simple but an interesting game to play.Download Subway Surfer for Android | Download Subway Surfer for iOS 

Read below for more 30 games to download totally free that don’t require internet to play.

16. Hungry Shark Evolution

hungry shark non wifi game

Hungry shark evolution has stunning graphics and special effects to keep you addicted to the game. There are total of 7 sharks available in the game. You will get the first one to start the game while others will be available when you pass the levels. As a shark you have to control the underwater world. You have to keep fighting to go to the next levels. It’s a beautiful and unique game. Hungry shark evolution is a free game with in app purchases. 

Download Hungry Shark for Android | Download Hungry Shark Evolution for iOS

17. Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami is another wonderful offline game for Android that you gonna love. You have to control a mob of Zombies and destroy the whole world making everyone into a zombie. You will get many obstacles along the way like helicopters, falling platforms, mines and much more. The simple aim is to collect as many zombies as possible. With a larger crowd you can control almost anything. Excellent animation, special effects and funny soundtracks are 3 best qualities of this no wifi game. Funny painted zombies and lots of different people will keep you addicted to this free wifi game. 

Download Zombie Tsunami for Android | Download Zombie Tsunami for iOS

18. Epic Skater

Epic skater is a wonderful free no wifi game with amazing 3D graphics and animation. There is a young skateboarder and he need to reach home from school. You will start skating to reach home. There will be many obstacles along the way that you have to pass on skate using tricks to overcome the distance. All the location are 3D and they look pretty natural. The main character, skateboard, surrounding objects, streets, houseroof, park etc.. You must download this no wifi free game for Android and iOS. 

Download Epic Skater for Android | Download Epic Skater for iOS

19. Monster Dash


Monster dash is a very interesting and fun no wifi game to play. It’s a two dimensional game in which main task to move forward by destroying coming obstacles. Main player will continue to move in the level. The only thing offered is jump. You have to make main character to jump from enemies and monsters. You will be offered lots of weapons, guns like pistol, machine guns and futuristic guns which shoots lasers and many other weapons. You will encounter spirits, ghosts and monsters along the way. It won’t let you get bored. The scenery of the game will continue to change giving it a fresh look. It’s one of the best offline games of 2019 to enjoy. 

Download Monster Dash for Android | Download Monster Dash for iOS

20. Townsmen



If you have ever played Age of empires or Rise of nations then you will surely love this game on your Android and iPhone. You will get a small village with some hard workers in it. You will to develop this village into a much more advanced town will all the facilities. The construction process is available slowly as you move step by step into the game. You can see trees moving and butterflies flying in the game. The graphics and soundtrack of this game is also really good and you will feel positive while playing this free wifi game. It’s one of the best free game without internet 2019. 

Download Townsmen for Android | Download Townsmen for iOS

21. Minecraft : Pocket Edition

Minecraft is one of the best offline games that you can play without internet. It’s available for all platforms unlike other games which are available for limited platforms. Minecraft is a game of creativity. You can create almost anything in the virtual world. You can dream your favorite location and start creating it with the help of blocks. We have seen people creating building from the Harry potter movie. If you love showing your creativity then this is the game for you.

Download Minecraft for Android | Download Minecraft for iOS

22. Badland

Badland is one of the best action adventure non wifi games that you should play. The game does not rely heavily on guns and explosives but it has its own style. You have to find something wrong with the jungle that you are living in. Badland has great graphics and sound effects. It’s a very popular game on Android. It’s available for free on Android play store while it’s prices at $0.99 cents on app store. The free version of android will contain ads and in app purchases. 

Download Badland for Android | Download Badland for iOS (0.99 cents)

23. Despicable Me : Minion Rush


Despicable me is quite popular non wifi game because of the popularity of the Minions and its movies. You have to keep running in the game collecting coins and other stuff while avoiding obstacles, fighting villains. The game doesn’t have anything new to offer but uses older mechanics. The game is also popular with the name Minion rush in some parts of world. Download the game and test it yourself. It’s also the top rated free android game on play store. 

Download Despicable Me for Android | Download Despicable Me for iOS

24. Plants vs Zombies

The original plants vs zombies game was very beautiful and I totally enjoyed it. However the game was available on few platforms only. Plants vs Zombies 2 has been released which is now available for most of the platforms. In this game there are different kinds of plants that you have to grow. All of them possess some kind of power which you can use to destroy coming zombies towards you. The game is very interesting as how you manage to kill zombies using kinds of abilities being offered by the plants. It’s my favorite non wifi games. 

Download Plants vs Zombies 2 for Android | Download Plants vs Zombies 2 for iOS 

25. Infinity Loop 

Infinity loop is one of my favorite no wifi puzzle game. When you get bored of all the action/adventure, racing and endless running games then you should try this puzzle game. It’s a puzzle where you have to join curved shapes to form another shape. There should not any breaks in between. There is a dark mode available to play as well. You have to break apart a big shape into pieces. It’s a game that don’t require internet connection to play. 

Download Infinity Loop for Android | Download Infinity Loop for iOS

26. Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill climb racing 2 is also one of my favorite 2D racing game against obstacles. Hill climb racing 2 offers many kinds of vehicles from cycle to bus to drive on the road. You will different kinds of racing track which changes from forest to desert etc.. Each have levels inside it which is based on the distance covered. You also need to get the fuel in between to keep your vehicle rolling. You have to collect coins which are required for upgradation of engine, suspension etc.. It’s one of the best offline games for android. 

Download Hill Climb Racing 2 for Android | Download Hill Climb Racing 2 for iOS

27. Brain it On – A physics puzzle

Brain it on is one of the top offline puzzle game which is based on physics. You have to build simple structures in the game however you have to keep the laws of physics in your mind while building the structures. If you fail to do so then your structure will fall. This free game is very challenging and fun to play without internet. If you love puzzles then you must download this free game for your mobile. 

Download Brain it on for Android | Download Brain it on for iOS

28. Unblock Me

Unblock Me is yet another great puzzle game which you will love. Puzzle games don’t tend to get out of fashion. You can get stuck at one level for hours but it’s worth the wait. You will train your mind to work as fast as you can when you get stuck with many situations. You will increase your patience level as well. Unblock me is a non wifi game in which you have to get one red block outside by making ways among other blocks of same color. As levels increase the game get tougher. You will surely enjoy playing this no needed internet game for iOS and Android

Download Unblock Me for Android | Download Unblock me for iOS

29. Flow free

Flow free is another great offline game for android and iOS in which you have to connect the dots of same color in a given grid. The game looks very easy and simple to play but only for few levels. As soon as you clear the initial levels the Flow free game takes a U-turn and you will start struggling while connecting the dots of same color. It’s one of the best games without wifi for free for android and iOS. Download and give this no needed wifi game a try.

Download Flow free for Android Download Flow Free for iOS

30. Doodle Jump

Doodle jump is an addictive game that I played for so long. You have to control an alien who wants to climb higher and higher. You have to climb up by jumping on certain poles and platforms. Poles and platforms are either static or shifting places. You can go up as much as you can. It will give you more points. If you fall down during jump the game will end and you have to play it again. The game is very simple yet very addictive. You don’t require internet connection to play it. Download the game right now.

Download Doodle Jump for Android Download Doodle Jump for iOS

31. Smurf’s Village

We grew up watching Smurf’s on TV one way or another. The little blue creature has made a mark in our memories from a very long time. If you still have love for it then Smurf’s village game is for you. The Smurf’s game is similar to Farmville and Cityville in which you have to perform a lot of different task. If you ever get bored then you can play mini games inside the game which are also fun to play without internet. It’s a complete non wifi game that you can enjoy on your mobile.

Download Smurf’s Village for Android | Download Smurf’s Village for iOS

32. Make More!


Make more is a simple game in which you become a factory owner. You must train the workers and foreman to do specific tasks. The task will depend on the level that you are playing in. The entire Make More game is played in a factory and you are presented with interesting things time and again. You can even use bonuses to motivate your workers. Make More is a fun and interesting game that many people like. You should give it a try.

Download Make More for Android | Download Make More for iOS

33. Paper Toss


Paper toss is yet another simple game that you can play without internet. You simply have to toss the paper into the dustbin. We like to throw papers into the dustbin in real life as well. If we have lots of waste paper then we can start rolling and checking our throw just like basketball. The game doesn’t provide any real value but you can use it for timepas. It’s a free no wifi game that you can play on iphone, iPad and Android devices.

Download Paper Toss for Android | Download Paper Toss for iOS

34. Traffic Rider

Traffic rider is one of the best bike racing games on Android and iPhone. Traffic rider is one of the few first person bike racing game on mobile platform. You can ride the bike with faster speed in ever changing traffic and speeding traffic. The difficulty of the game increases with time. You can drive 20 different bikes in this beautiful offline game. You will also get different tracks at different times of the day. Overall it’s a good no wifi free game to play on mobile device.

Download Traffic Rider for Android | Download Traffic Rider for iOS

35. CSR Racing 2

CSR racing too is yet another top racing game with high quality graphics and sound effects. The game is more like Asphalt 8 except you can’t perform gravity defying stunt. You can play the game if you want authentic and believing driving experience without much hassle. The game features licensed cars that you can drive in the game. You won’t get these cars in any other racing game. Download CSR Racing 2 offline game for iPhone and Android.

Download CSR Racing 2 for Android | Download CSR Racing 2 for iOS

36. Racing Moto

If you are a fan of bike racing then racing moto is the perfect game for you. Bike racing is not bad and you get to drive on different roads with many kind of superbikes. The game is very easy to play and you will understand the controls very easily. You will start with a Harley Davidson bike. You will get to drive many other bikes with faster speed as you progress ahead in the game. You need to dodge traffic that comprise of different vehicle having different speeds. Racing Moto is a great offline game for android.

Download Racing Moto for Android

37. Earn to Die 2


If you love racing game in 2D then Earn to die 2 is one of the best racing games that you can play without internet. Earn to Die 2 is based on the post apocalyptic setting. You have to find fuel and other resources in order to survive on the earth. You have to manage your fuel otherwise once it runs out of gasoline the game will be over. The lack of resources in the game will create a different kind of environment that only a person who played the game can understand. Overall Earn to Die 2 is one of the top offline game for iPhone and Android.

Download Earn to Die 2 for Android | Download Earn to Die 2 for iPhone

38. Swamp Attack

Swamp Attack best offline games for Android Phone

Swamp attack is a very interesting game to play. It’s a total fun because it looks so realistic. There is an old man who is living in a swamp and want to spend his days happily. A mysterious virus infects the whole swamp and turns everyone into zombies. Every creature and zombies just want to slaughter him and the rest of the people who survived the infection of virus. It’s now his duty to survive from these zombies. You will get to fight all kinds of creatures including imaginary ones. It’s a total offline fun game to play on android and iPhone.

Download Swamp Attack for Android | Download Swamp Attack for iPhone

39. Dragon Mania

Dragon Mania is yet another popular no wifi game in which you have to grow and cultivate different kind of dragons. Everyone loves dragons whether they are big or little cute ones. It’s an offline simulator game. You have to grow dragons from little cute ones to bigger ones that are very dangerous. You get to collect various breeds of dragons. Once they are fully grown then you can start fighting with your friend’s dragons. You can even fight with Viking warriors that will be attacking your dragons from time to time. It’s a great no wifi free game for Android and iOS.

Download Dragon Mania for Android | Download Dragon Mania for iOS

40. Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. is one of the top simulator games that don’t need WiFi. You have to take control of a deadly plague. As a plague you have to ensure the destruction and killing of humans on earth. As the plague effects humans they will find different methods, cures and medicines to cure and treat them from the diseases. You have to evolve and become stronger to infect human beings. There are 4 difficulty levels to play. The game is very fun to play. Game is available for free on Android while it costs $0.99 cents on iOS.

Download Plague Inc. for Android | Download Plague Inc. for iOS

41. Neon Shadow

Neon shadow is an action game that is very popular among people of 90’s. Neon shadow offers you to save mankind from intelligent machines that are trying to destroy humanity. You have to save mankind from destruction by destroying all the machines. The game is a total fun to play. It’s a complete offline game for iOS and Android. Download the game right away and give your reviews on it.

Download Neon Shadow for Android | Download Neon Shadow for iOS

42. Monster Dash

Monster Dash is a great 2D game developed by HalfBrick Studios. While nowadays almost all the games are moving towards being developed in 3D, Monster Dash is quite popular in 2D format only. You have to move upwards while destroying the monster coming in your way. The player will move upwards automatically. You simply have to jump whenever necessary. There are number of weapons available to destroy monsters. You can switch between those weapons to suit your needs at any point in the game. Download this non wifi games for Android and iOS.

Download Monster Dash for Android | Download Monster Dash for iOS

43. Geometry Dash Lite


Geometry is a subject that most people don’t like. Even I don’t’ like it and I can solve barely few problems in geometry chapters. Geometry Dash Lite game seems to have something related to geometry. I didn’t wanted to download it but I did. It’s a very interesting game in which you (your character) have to go the end of level. Everything looks very simplified but you will be presented with many obstacles while going ahead. You have to use technique and avoid them to reach at the end. Simply give this cool offline game a try.

Download Geometry Dash lit for Android | Download Geometry Dash Lite for iOS

44. Crossy Roads

Crossy roads is a 8 bit graphics endless running game. There are number of endless running games on the play store but this game is little bit different. Instead of running you have to cross the busy streets filled with high traffic by jumping. Crossy roads look pretty good even though it’s a 8 bit graphic game. People are playing it and that’s why it has made an entry in the top no wifi games for iOS and Android 2019.

Download Crossy Roads for Android | Download Crossy Roads for iOS

Animation Throw Down | The collective Card Game

It is latest collective card game where you are going to take part in card war. Play with or against your favorite character. The collective card game is downloaded by over 5 million people all over the world. It is a free no wifi game which you can play without any lagging. Just download the game from Google Play store or App store and start playing it.

Download The collective Card Game for Android | Download The collective Card Game for iOS