10+ No Wifi Needed Games for Android and iOS 2020

There are many places around us where no wifi is present. Even data connection of our mobile doesn’t work properly. We can’t play some of our favorite games because most of them require wifi now a days. We require no wifi needed games for such spots so that we can easily play games without internet connection. There are many great games available for everyone to play in different categories puzzle racing, action, simulators etc.. You can play such games in public transport, inside a building, in the basement and even in rural areas where network connectivity is very poor. 

Here is a full list of no wifi needed games for Android and iOS:

  1. Word Cookies (Puzzle)
  2. Fruit Ninja (Arcade)
  3. Duet (Arcade)
  4. Townsmen (Simulators)
  5. Unblock Me ( Puzzle)
  6. Badland (Action/Adventure)
  7. Temple Run (Action/Adventure)
  8. Alto’s Adventure (Action/Adventure)
  9. Asphalt 8 : Racing (Racing)
  10. Hill Climb Racing 2 (Racing)

1. Word Cookies

Word cookies free wifi game

Word cookies is an interesting puzzle in which you have to make words or sentences by joining letters given in a pan. You have to use your fingers and make the words to complete the incomplete word given at the top. You should have good vocabulary in order to get past all the levels. You are awarded with coins on successful completion of the word. There are many special levels in the game which you can unlock using the coins earned. If you love puzzles and vocabulary games then you will never get bored while playing this offline game. It’s one of the best no wifi needed game in puzzle category. 

Download Word Cookies for Android | Download Word Cookies for iOS

2. Fruit Ninja

fruit ninja free wifi game

Fruit Ninja is one of my favorite game which can be played without wifi. Fruit ninja has amazing graphics and sound in the game which you gonna totally love. The only thing you have to do is to keep cutting fruits appearing on the screen. There will be many fruits such as apples, oranges, kiwi, strawberries, watermelons, coconuts, peaches, bananas, pineapples and much more. Multiple fruits will come at once on the screen at anywhere and you have to cut them all at once. As you proceed bombs will also appear on the screen. You have to make sure not to cut the bomb. You will lose 1 life if you cut the bomb. It’s a free offline game with in app purchases.

Download Fruit Ninja for Android | Download Fruits Ninja for iOS

3. Duet

Duet free wifi game

Duet game needs no introduction. Duet is one of the most popular game right now in the arcade category. It has a simple interface with many levels to play. There are 2 balls given in the game which you have to move without colliding with the coming rectangular shapes. These shapes have many qualities. They will either be still, moving or even disappearing. These features make the game very interesting. It’s a very fast reacting game in which you have to control the ball. Duet is a real test for people with fast reaction and mind. It’a must play game for everyone. 

Download Duet for Android | Download Duet game for iOS ($2.99)

4. Townsmen

townsmen free game without internet

Townsmen is similar to Age of Empires and Rise of nations from Microsoft. You will be given a small village with limited number of hard workers. You have to develop this small village into a developed town will all the infrastructure. There are many levels to proceed and make different kind of buildings into the game. The graphics, animation and drawing of the game is really beautiful and it will give you positive feeling. You can even see butterflies fly in the game. It’s one of the best simulator no wifi needed game

Download Townsmen for Android | Download Townsmen for iOS

5. Unblock Me

unblock me free android wifi game

Unblock Me is one of the top no wifi needed game. If you love classic puzzle then it’s one of the good game for you. You have to unblock a red block out of the game grid. There are mainly 3 levels of difficulty which you can choose. There will be many blocks given and one of them will be red. You have to make ways to get the red block out of it. You can choose the difficulty level. Start with the easy one and move ahead. It’s not as easy as you think. Give this offline game a try. 

Download Unblock Me for Android | Download Unblock Me for iOS

6. Badland

badland free wifi android game

Badland is one of the most popular action game across the world. You have to control birds that climb up and move to the right. Every bird has different flight path. Sometimes you have to control the whole flock. You will keep picking new birds along the way. A total of 80 levels are available. Out of which 40 are available for free. It’s an interesting game that you may want to give a try. It’s a good no wifi games.

Download Badland for Android | Download Badland for iOS

7. Temple Run 

temple run non wifi game

Temple run is a widely popular game across the world. There are many clones as well. However no one give a match to temple run in terms of graphics, sound and animation. It’s one of the best endless running game. You should download temple run 2. You have to keep running while overcoming all obstacles. You also have to collect coins and other powers in order to enhance your running experience. Give temple run a try and you won’t be disappointed. It’s a really good no wifi needed game that you can play in remote areas. 

Download Temple Run for Android | Download Temple Run for iOS

8. Alto’s Adventure

alto's adventure free no wifi games

Alto’s adventure is a good no wifi needed game. It’s a classic game in which you have to down the mountain on snowboard while overcoming obstacles and collecting prizes. You have to cover the maximum distance possible while coming down the mountain. The graphics of the game is really superb. You will even see beautiful sunsets and sunrise. The change of scenery will enhance your game playing experience. Everything looks beautiful and game works smoothly. It’s one of top free game without wifi. 

Download Alto’s Adventure for Android | Download Alto’s Adventure for iOS

9. Asphalt 8 : Racing 

asphalt 8 no wifi game

Asphalt 8 is the best racing game that’s available for free and you don’t require internet connection to play the game. You get to drive the best cars in the world like aston martin, lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti Veyron, Pagani Zonda etc.. There are number of tracks which looks like different cities. The amazing graphics and sound of the cars will make you play this game even more. It’s simply breathtaking. It’s very much pleasing to the eye. A must play game. 

Download Asphalt 8 for Android | Download Asphalt 8 for iOS

10. Hill Climb Racing 2

hill climb racing no wifi game

Hill climb racing is one of my favorite game. Although I played the earlier version of the game. Hill climb racing 2 comes with even more features and functions. You have to keep moving along a 2 dimensional path in which obstacles will appear. You have to collect coins and perform stunts to keep moving. You will many levels, vehicles to keep going ahead. Graphics of this game is simply too amazing. The challenge given to keep moving ahead is really good and you have to keep concentration at high level as not to make any mistake. Give this offline game a try and share your views. 

Download Hill Climb Racing 2 for Android | Download Hill Climb Racing 2 for iOS

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