10 Best Wifi Free Games for Android 2020

There are many best WiFi free games across categories on Android play store. Number of new games make the list everyday. We have tried to provide you the latest list of new games which are very interesting and fun to play without wifi in 2018. We don’t get internet everywhere and that’s why we need some great games that can be played without WiFi. Below games are such games which you can fully play with all levels. Few of these games even have multiplayer option. If you have data connection then also you can play multiplayer game. Read the descriptions below and try to download the game according to your mood.

Here is the list of top 10 free games without Wifi For Android 2018:

  1. Fruit Ninja
  2. Smash Hit
  3. Epic Skater
  4. Brothers in Arms 3
  5. Jurassic park Builder
  6. Bike Race Free
  7. My Little Pony
  8. Angry Gran Run
  9. Hardest Game Ever 2
  10. Zombie World War 

1. Fruit Ninja

fruit ninja android game

Fruit Ninja is one of the best games that you can play in your free time. It doesn’t require any internet to play. Fruit Ninja is available on the play store for a very long time. I have played it long back but it is still very popular on both the platforms. The last thing you need to do in the game is to cut the fruits appearing on the screen simply by swiping your finger on the fruits. You can cut the fruits on 2 different locations on the screen as well. To increase the difficulty bombs will be appearing in the middle of the fruits. You have to be very careful no to slice the bomb. You will lose 1 life of the game. It’s a very cool offline game for android and iPhone

Download Fruit Ninja for Android | Download Fruit Ninja for iOS

2. Smash Hit

smash hit android game

Smash hit is yet another very popular game on play store and app store. Smash hit game is absolutely different than other games. The entire game revolves around throwing balls accurately and precisely. There will be glass structures coming up on the screen. You have to be very patience while playing the game. You have to use the right technique in order to break the glass using the balls. Sometimes it can be frustrating but once you will get used it then you have to use the balls perfectly to break the glass and proceed to the next level. It’s a complete no Wi-Fi needed game for iOS and Android.

Download Smashhit for Android | Download Smash Hit for iOS

3. Epic Skater

epic skater android app

Epic Skater is a very cool no Internet needed game for iOS and Android. There is a young skater who is returning from school to home. He is using skate to go back to home. You have to do skating by performing number of tricks along the way. There will be many obstacles coming up in your way of skating that you have to avoid. Although everything looks simple the game gets tough when the speed of the skate increases as you proceed. Skating is a tough game in real world and this game makes sure that you learn it that way.

Download Epic Skater for Android | Download Epic Skater for iOS

4. Brothers in Arms 3

brothers in arms 3 android

Brothers in arms 3 is one of the most popular action games on Android and iOS. It is based on the realism of World War 2. You will get to shoot with the weapons that were used in the World War 2. You will also get access to some of the experimental powerful weapons. It’s one of the finest first person shooter games that you can play without Internet. You will surely love it playing on your phone.

Download Brothers in Arms 3 for Android | Download Brother in Arms 3 for iOS

5. Jurassic Park Builder

jurassic park builder

Jurassic Park builder by Ludia Inc. is one of the top free games on android play store. Jurassic park builder is a simulation game. If you love playing simulator games then you must play this game. The game is very vast and full of great features. You will have 44 different dinosaur species to grow, 43 different sea creatures to grow, 43 dinosaur species from glacial era for development with stunning graphics and sound effects. You have to develop these dinosaurs and place them on sea and water. You need to develop them to full size. They will require many kinds of food and you have to make sure their availability by growing plants and herbs. As the game progresses you have to build buildings, hotels, amusement parks for tourist visit and you can collect funds from them. It’s one of the best free games without WiFi for Android.

Download Jurassic Park Builder for Android

6. Bike Race Free – Top Motorcycle Racing Games

bike race free android

Bike Race free is yet another top performing game in the list of free games without wifi on Android play store. Bike Race is a top motocycle racing game which has been downloaded over millions of times . You will easily learn the controls on your mobile device. You can train yourself as single player on various tracks. You will get tons of great bikes, 100’s of beautiful tracks to drive on and you can even perform great stunts on the track. The game is a total fun guaranteed. It’s has a low data usage as well. You can play without wifi anywhere.

Download Bike Race Free for Android Phone and Tablet

7. My little Pony : Magic Princess

my little pony

My little pony : magic princess is one of the most popular free wifi game on android. The game has a lot of positive reviews. It’a casual game developed by Gameloft. There are 300 characters in the game. There are even mini games inside the game that you can play. Game is played using the virtual currency. You will get it when you progress ahead in the game. These virtual currency can also be purchased using your credit card. You will get to explore many things in the game. As this is one of the popular games right now you must try this atleast once. 

Download My Little Pony: Magic Princess for Android and Android tablets

8. Angry Gran Run 

angry gran run

Angry Gran Run also makes it to the top of free games without Wifi on the list. Angry Gray run is an endless running game but with a different twists. The Granny is locked in a Angry Asylum and she’s plotting her escape. She is able to escape from the Asylum but now you have to guide her to run through the streets while the agents chase her. You have to jump, run and slide from tons of different obstacles coming in front of you. There are even punks in the game. You have to fight them and grab their coins. You can change your look in the game by buying new costumes using the coins collected during your run. You can change it to modern look as well as 70’s look. It’s one of the best 3D running game on Android. Download it right away. 

Download Angry Gran Run for Android and Tablets

9. Hardest Game Ever 2

hardest game ever free android

Hardest Game ever 2 is one of the most challenging games that you will come across on Android. hardest game ever 1 was also quite popular. This game measures your time reaction to many different situations in milliseconds. It will read your exact time to reactions such as how fast you can slap, how fast you can catch eggs etc. It has 3 button simple interface. There are 48 stages with 4 challenging levels in the game. It’s a highly addictive game without wifi.

Download Hardest Game ever 2 for Android and Tablets

10. Zombie World War

zombie world war free android

Zombie World War is one of the most popular arcade games on the play store. It’s a complete offline game for Android. The world got infected by a virus and it spread like fire. There are few people left in the world. The survival of the humanity lies in your hands now. The infected people became zombies. You have to battle your way through 126 levels and 21 scenes in the worldwide adventure to reclaim the world. There are total of 19 different weapons and 21 different zombies to test your skills to the limit while reclaiming the world. It’s one of the best free games without WiFi on play store.

Download Zombie World War for Android and Tablets

Hopefully you got some new games beside popular ones like Angry birds, subway surfer, hungry shark evolution, temple run and asphalt 8. Enjoy playing the above games. 

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