10 Free Games Without WiFi for Android 2020

There are lots of free games without WiFi for Android in the upcoming year 2018. Many less popular games are rising in the list and will surely get at the top. We have tried to find those popular games on the play store. You must have already played most of the known games such as Angry birds, subway surfer, temple run 2, Jetpack Joyride, Asphalt 8 etc.. Everybody knows about them but there are many other action packed games that you need to know. We have not listed very popular games from Android play store. Play the games mentioned below and you will feel highly refreshed. 

Here is the list of top 10 Free Games Without Internet for Android 2018:

  1. Fishing Paradise 3D
  2. Into The Dead
  3. Ice Age Village 
  4. Stickman Warriors
  5. PBA Bowling challenge
  6. Trials Frontier
  7. Beach Buggy Blitz
  8. Dots
  9. Daddy Was a Thief
  10. Flick Shoot (Soccer Game)

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1.Fishing Paradise 3D

Fishing Paradise 3D is a sports game for android developed by pro media inc. Fishing paradise is quite popular in the list of free games without WiFi on Android play store. The game has been downloaded over 49 million times. You have to build and manage your own farm. You will start with a plot of land and then turn it into a fishing paradise. You can stock and breed your favorite fishes. There are 14 beautiful 3D rendered location to hunt fishes from fishing in Hawaii to catching monsters of Mekong river. There are total of 50 different fishes to catch in the whole game. The fishing action is totally realistic and that’s why people are liking it. Every fish is different in terms of strength and aggressiveness. You have to master the skills to catch the fish. Download this beautiful android free game right now and share your reviews with us.

Download Fishing Paradise 3D for Android and Tablet

2. Into the Dead

Into the Dead is one of the most popular games on android play store right now. The game has been developed by PikPok. You enter into the world of apocalypse where you have to survive. You have loads of weapons to use in the game. You have to keep moving in this intense gameplay and survive as long as you can. There are mini goals and mission to keep you engaged in the game. Visuals in this game are stunning with amazing sound effects of Zombie apocalypse. If you like zombie games then you must download this wifi free game for android.

Download Into The Dead for Android and Tablet

3. Ice Age Village

Ice Age Village is one of the best casual games that Android play store has to offer. There are close to 2 million reviews on the game showing how popular it is. The game has been developed by Gameloft. You must have seen the Ice Age series movies which are very popular among kids and adults. Ice Age village is very popular because of that movie only. Ice Age village is all about city building and zoo management. You can build home for your ice age family. You can explore Dino world to bring cute dinosaurs home. There are over 200 species that you will discover in the game. There are even mini games inside such as Kung Fu scrat and Sidd’s egg rescue. There are fun events going in your village in which you can participate. You will earn virtual coins in the game which can be used to upgrade certain things. 

Download Ice Age Village for Android and Tablet

4. Stickman Warriors

Stickman warriors is yet another casual game developed by ViperGames. It’s getting quite popular on Android play store. Stickman Warriors is a very fun and addictive hardcore gameplay with realistic physics game. If you love physics then you will surely like it. The game has some of the best stunts, realistic ragdoll physics and several campaigns. The game has amazing graphics and exclusive sound track. You must play this wifi free game for Android

Download Stickman Warriors for Android and Tablet

5. PBA Bowling Challenge 

PBA Bowling Challenge is a popular game in the sports category of Play store. It has been developed by Concrete software inc. You have to bowl against 21 best PBA bowlers. There are 3 modes: Career mode, Quickplay and Multiplayer mode. You have to start bowling in a local alley with a scuffed 12lb ball and rise through the ranks to play in the Tournament of Champions. There are dozens of bowling tournaments and 100’s of different bowling balls with unique stats. You will also get leaderboards and achievements to see your performance against others. It’s one of the best offline 3D game for Android. 

Download PBA Bowling Challenge for Android and Tablet

6. Trials Frontier

Trials Frontier is developed by Ubisoft Entertainment. Ubisoft is known for making great games from many years. Trials frontier is no exception. There are close to 1 million positive reviews on the game making it one of the most popular racing game on play store. It’s also one of the best skill based game. You have to perform stunts on more than 250+ unique beautiful tracks in the game. A lot of physics is involved while performing the stunts. There are 15 bikes with different speed and handling to drive on these tracks.There are 250+ challenging missions in a story drive gameplay that you will enjoy in Trials Frontier. Download this non wifi game right now. 

Download Trials Frontier for Android and Tablet

7. Beach Buggy Blitz

Beach Buggy Blitz is yet another popular racing game on Android play store. The is developed by Vector unit which is known for making great games for different platforms. You have to drive your vehicle on a mysterious island. You will encounter many things such as sun swept beaches, secret caves, erupting volcanoes, ruined temples, lava monsters and even yetis. You can drive for miles and miles on the island and you never know what’s coming next. You can unlock number of things such as new cars and characters. You can upgrade your cars to a much better one. The game supports tilt, touchscreen and most of the devices. There’s an incredible amount of physics involved in the game. Every vehicles feels unique while driving. There are special effects for phones like Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy S3. Special effects such as motion blur, lens splash, dynamic headlights in caves, care shadows and more. You must play this free game without WiFi this month. 

Download Beach Buggy Blitz for Android and Tablet

8. Dots : A game about connecting

There are lots of casual games which are very popular on Android devices and Dots is one of them. The game was developed PlayDots company. The game has number 1 position in 23 countries. It’s an addictive puzzle game in which you have to connect balls. You have to connect same colored ball horizontally and vertically to win points. There are total of 3 modes in the game. Timed Mode, Moves Mode and Endless Mode are 3 modes in the game. There are even powerups such as Time Stop, shrinker and expander in the game. I like the Timed game mode as you will get 60 seconds to connect as many same colored dots as you can. Download this free game without wifi on your Android device.

Download Dots for Android and Tablet

9. Daddy was a Thief

Daddy was a thief is a great action game developed by rebel twins. You have to gain as much money as you can while everyone tries to catch you. You are very clever and you can break and crash through walls and furnitures. You can unlock crazy power ups which will help you increase your speed. The game is different every you play. There is just one finger control. You have many achievements to earn in this game. This free offline android game is quite cool and you can give it a try on your android phone. 

Download Daddy was a thief for Android and Tablet.

10. Flick Shoot (Soccer Ball)

Flick Shoot is a free offline android game with impressive graphics. There are total 7 different game mods in the game: Arcade, Tournament, One ball, time attack, Goal post, targets, wall kick and multiplayer. You will some of the best realistic goal keeping and kicking in this free wifi game. if you are a fan of soccer ball then you will surely like this free game without internet

Download Flick Shoot for Android and Tablet

Hopefully you like our list of updated free android games that you can play without internet. To get the latest free games keep coming on the website every now and then.

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