Best Offline Board Games for iPhone and iPad 2020

Have played board games in real life? If yes, you know its value and its fun and you also know how amazing these games are! Board games are one of the best games which are available in the App store. We played these games with our family while playing these games we get amazing memories. There are countless board games are available but some of them are the best games to play. Board games are normally known as laptop or desktop games but now smartphones have enough space and enough feature which can run any game. If you talk about online games, they are the best games but if you don’t have internet connection or if you have even slow internet connection you can’t play these games. This is why most people prefer offline games. So if you also one of them and you like to play Board games, don’t worry they are also available offline.

Board games are amazing games and they are never ending games with unlimited fun. You will never sick off, if you have board games. So if you want to play, I have mentioned the best offline board games which you can play without internet connection. So let’s know….

Top 10 the Best Offline Board Games for iPhone & iPad 2018


Offline Board game chess

Chess is one of the most ancient game of the world. This game is played by 2 people means you want to play chess you need one opponent. The opponent can be virtual or live. If you have friend you can play it against him but if you don’t have friend at that moment, this game will allow you to play against computer. There are three levels which you can choose  easy, medium and hard. If you don’t know how to play chess, you can choose to learn playing chess. So this game will give you all the required option to you to improve your gaming experience.

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Ludo Game

Ludo Offline board game

Ludo is most popular offline board game for  iPhone. In this ludo, there should be four players to play it. Each player have four coin or round circle button type key which you need to take it to its home. You can play it alone as this game offer you to play with computer and if you want to play it with your family member or friends you can play it with them. So if you are searching for a perfect offline board game, you can play ludo game. This ludo game has 39 thousand downloads along with best ratings. So just download it and start playing it.

Business International

no wifi board game for android

Business International is an unique game for board game lovers. This game can be played offline and online both. So whenever you have internet connection play it with your friend and whenever you don’t have just play it with your nearer friend or cousin. Just make your own monopoly and build your own business empire. Show your business skill and get famous in virtual world. If you love to play such game. just download it in your mobile phone and start playing it.

Dominoes – Offline Board game

Dominoes game board offline

Dominoes is one of the most famous board game in which you need to follow many rules but once you came to know all the rules, it will be very interesting and addictive game. In this game, you need luck. Just download this game and start playing it in your mobile phone. Because of its addictive quality over two lakh people have downloaded this game. Become the master of Dominoes and tell your friend about it. As this game is offline, you can play it whenever and wherever you want to play it.

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Super Bubble

super bubble board game

Super bubble is also a board game. It is very interesting game in which you need to match three same color bubble vertically or horizontally. This is very challenging game and it is also doesn’t need internet connection to play. Shoot bubble with the same color to burst it. If you fail to match three color in given time, you’ll loose. So just use your mind and shoot it. It is very addictive with beautiful theme. Super bubble is same as candy crush but there is some difference in it. So just download it and become the best super bubble gamer. You can also challenge your buddies and friends.

 Carrom King

Carrom board game

Carrom is most popular game ever and there is no one in the world who doesn’t play it once. As you know how to play it, you don’t need to learn how to play it. just make your shot perfect by playing more and more times. Play it beautifully and invite your friends to play it. You can play it with your friends, cousins any where and whenever you get time because it doesn’t need wifi connection to play it. If you are all alone and you don’t have any one to play with you, just play it  with computer. So if you love to play carrom game, just play it.

Draughts ( Checker)

Draughts offline board game

Draughts is one of the most popular and most downloaded board games for iPhone 2019. Draughts is also known as checker and it is popular in America and other Europe countries. If you don’t know how to play it, just download the game by click on the link and download it and learn how to play a draughts. This game is played like chess but some rules are different from chess and you have to follow all the rules to win the game. As this game is offline board game, you can play it anywhere.


Solitaire no wifi board game

Solitaire is a card board game for card game lovers. In this game, you will get all the option and things which a card game required. There are many levels and you have to complete one level to get another. It is very easy to start but very hard to master it. Solitaire is very addictive and interesting game. This game has very simple rule and you have to follow all the given rules.If you want to become the master of the game, you need to win all the games and become an unique player. This is no wifi board game for offline game lovers. So if you love to play card board game, just play it.

Nine Men’s Morris

offline board game for android

Nine Men’s Morris is another the best no wifi board games for you. This game can be played single, multiplayer and also with friends. If you don’t have internet connection play it single mode and whenever you have internet or wifi connection play it with your friends or other online players from across the world. If you don’t know how to play it you have to download this game and learn how to play it.

Sudoku Offline

Sudoku offline board game

Sudoku offline is also a board game for android phone. As you know, sudoku is very ancient chinese game in which you have to get fill numbers in the box. In the matter of filling numbers, there are many rules and you need to follow all the rules before filling the boxes. This game can be played with your friends or family members. If you love to play such games, just download it in your mobile phones and start playing it.

Wrapping Up

So these are the most popular and offline Board games for iPhone and iPad. Just play the board game and improve your brain power. I think all the given game you have played once in your childhood but now its time to play it on your  mobile. Just play it in your mobile phone and tell your friend to play it. If you have played anyone of them, please comment about the game in the comment box. Thanks

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