No WiFi Games For PC 2020

Usually we like to play games whether it is online games or offline games on our mobile device but some games doesn’t support smart phones because of their size and graphics quality. So we have to play these heavy games on our PC. We can play these games while working in the office or at home in free times. PC games are generally very addictive and interesting but if we play online PC games it will cost too much internet data and if you have limited cellular data internet, you don’t want to waste your internet data on games because you have many other works which require internet or wifi connection. So if you have this data problem, don’t worry because I have found some no wifi games for PC. No wifi games means you don’t need internet or wifi or cellular data to play such games. These games are equally addictive and interesting and specifically made for PC.

Offline Games for PC 2018

I have given the list of 10 such no wifi games for PC 2018. These games can be played offline and online both. So you can play these games with your friend when you have internet or wifi connection and you can play on solo mode when you have no internet connection. So if you want to play these games, you have to go through all the games’ description and download according to your taste. The list contains action, adventure, racing and strategy games for you. So you can choose according to your interest. Let’s go through the list of No Wifi games for PC.

Top 10 Free No WiFi Games For PC 2018

  1. Trove:-
    Trove games for PCTrove games are one of the most played games on PC. Trove is offline role playing game which can be played online and offline both mode. If your PC have 1 GB RAM and 1 GB space in Hard Drive, you can download and play this game. Trove game has HD graphics and PC supporting interfaces which attracts the games lovers who want to play PC games. So if your PC can fulfill all the requirement, just download this game in your mobile phone.

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  2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt:-
    The Witcher wild hunt offline free games for PCThe Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a very addictive and interesting free offline Role- playing  video game for PC. In this game, a monster hunter, whose name is Witcher, is searching his missing daughter. This offline game is very famous for its best features and story. A very genuine story with very good game play. This game is developed in 2011 and gets critical acclaimed and praised for its design, narrative, worldwide, visuals. There are many levels which will challenge you and if you want to be the best and get some rewards, you have to cross the level. So just download this game from its official websites and start playing in your PC.

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  3. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus :-
    Wolfenstein II the new colossus for PC 2018Wolfenstein II is one of the best offline PC games. This is an action adventure first person shoot offline game for PC and is developed by machine games. This game can be played chapter wise means you have to cross first chapter in order to play second chapter. In this game, you have to make some strategy and beat your enemies. In order to be more dangerous, you have to use different types weapons. You can also upgrade your weapon by collecting the points. So this is very addictive role playing game for PC 2018. If you want to download this game, just visit official website and start playing the game.

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  4. Dragon Age: Inquisition:-
    Dragon Age: Inquisition games for PCDragon Age: Inquisition is another Action Role playing offline games for PC. As the graphics of this game is pretty good and the interface is very attractive, this game is very popular in PC game lovers. Dragon Age: Inquisition is developed by Bioware Edmonton. This game has a very addictive story in which a person whose name is Inquisitor on a journey to save the world from the evil things in a continent of Thedas and he close the mysterious tear in the sky which is called Breach. This breach is unleashing the evil people upon the world. As this game has an interesting and addictive story, you will be addicted. So if you want to play this amazing offline PC game, just go to its official website and start playing.

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  5. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft:-
    Hearthstone heroes of warcraft for PC
    Hearthstone is also one of the best card games for PC. Hearthstone game is developed by Blizzard Entertainment with the best graphics and easily to control game play. This game can be played in Windows, MacOS and also support in Android and iOS device. This offline PC Game can be played between two players. You can use deck 30 card along with a super heroes with unique power. Every player has mana crystal to play this game and by using these crystal, you can play abilities or also summon the minion to attack your opponent. You can win more and more awards and cards by winning matches and beating your opponent. So if you love to play card games, play this offline game in your PC. If you want download this game in your PC, just visit its official website and download this Offline PC game.

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  6. Dark Souls 3:-
    Dark Souls 3 offline Games for PCDark Souls 3 is another Action- RPGs game for PC which is developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment. This is a PC Video game with 3D graphics and beautiful interface. In this game, you will get many deadly weapons to fight against enemies as bow, sword, and throwable projectiles. You can use shield as weapon but shield is generally used to defend enemies attacks.  There are some dark souls are attacking the world and you are the one who can save the world. So just pick up your sword, bow and shield and attack your enemies. There are many kind of enemies and they will attack on you. Now you have to understand their attacking pattern and kill them as soon as you can. Some enemies will also change their pattern of fighting. So you have to make strategy and then kill them. So if you want to play this amazing offline PC game, just visit its official website and download from there.

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  7. Pillars of Eternity:-
    Pillars of eternity games for PC 2018Pillars of Eternity is another one of the best video game for PC and is developed by paradox interactive. This game can be played in Microsoft Windows, MacOS and OS. This game is very famous for its fantastic story and HD graphics with beautiful interface. This game begins at the fantasy World of Eora where two child born without soul. In the beginning of the game, the hero of this game feels some supernatural power and after some time they discover that they have special power of seeing someone’s past and also they can interact with souls. Now both child who become the hero of this game, trying to find what is caused of awakening of power and also want to find how to solve the hollowborn problem. So this is very interesting and addictive offline PC game. If you want to download this game in your PC, Visit the official website of this game.

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  8. Grand Theft Auto V:-
    Grand Theft Auto V offline game for PCGrand Theft Auto V is another one of the Role playing adventure Video for PC. This game can be played in both modes single or multiplayer means you can also play this PC game with your friend or with your family member or with master of this game. This is very easy to learn but it is hard to be master of the game. The story begins from three criminals who are going for robbery while the government spy agencies are under pressure. You can freely roam in open countryside and the fictional city los santos. The game is mainly centred on the robbery with many mission involving shooting and driving. So if you want to play as thief with your friends, just download this game in your phone and start playing. To Download this game, you have to visit the official website of this game.

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  9. BioShock:-
    Bio Shock offline PC games freeBio Shock is another one of the offline shooter games for PC and is developed by 2K games. This game can be played on Microsoft Windows or OS platform. This game is based on a very famous story in which a plane crashed  in the ocean near the bathysphere and it leads the pilot whose name is Jack to the under water a fantasy city Rapture. This city is the perfect and peaceful city but the builder of this city, Andrew ryan finds a ADAM ( a genetic material by which any one can use for super power. Now the hero of the game want to escape from there and tries to find a way to escape. Now you have to help him in finding the way. You have to fight with the foe by using weapon and other arsenals. So this is the best games for PC and i you want to play this game in your PC, just download it from its official website.

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  10. Alien: Isolation:-
    Alien: Isolation game for PC Alien: Isolation is a single player horror action and role playing video game for PC. This game is very addictive and very interesting game in which you will some mission and you have to complete the mission by overcoming all obstacles. In this game, the player control Amanda Ripley and also complete the objective to defeat your enemies. The objective of this game is you have to collect some material or you have to reach a specific place. You can leap, jump, run sit and also goes under a table or any other object for hiding from enemies. So if you want to download play this addictive game in your PC, just download this game by going to its official website.

These are the best offline PC Games for PC Game lovers. All these games have the best Graphics, beautiful interface with the best game play. If you can play these game online and offline both modes. These games can be downloaded from their official websites. These Offline PC games are available for Microsoft window 7, windows 8 and windows X. So if you have one of these OS in your PC, you can play all these Free Offline PC games. Please comment about the given game and you can also tell us about any other Offline PC games, by commenting in comment box. Thanks.

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