Top 5 Business Management Games for Android & iOS 2020

Business Management games is normally played by students or by the person who want to do business in future. In business management, you will learn how to manage a business, how to start a business and what to do in tense situations. There are variety of business management games available. In some games, you have lots of money and in some game, you have a little money to invest in business. So if you are already a business and you want to open a new business, choose the first variety and start your business and if you have a little money and you want to start the business which you want to start. If you play business games, you will get idea how to business and also what is pros and cons of that particular business. So if your dream is to become a successful business man, these games can give you the idea and also tell what the circumstance you can face in that business.

Business management games

So the business management game are very important. if you want to be the business man.,You should play it. There are many famous business management games are available in App store and Google play store but among them some of the best business management games available. In this article, I am going to mentioned a list of top 5 business management games. In this list, you will get all type of business management games and these business simulation games are also well known for their features. So if you are eager to play business management games, just go through the list and choose according to your taste and start playing. Let see the list….

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Top 5 free Business Management Games For Android & iOS 2018

  1. Pocket Tower: build & manage:-
    Pocket Tower build business management games
    Pocket Tower is very famous business simulation game. In this game, you can build a building whether it is tallest or smallest, in one tap. So choose building and manage it and go to next level by taking care of residents. This is very addictive business management game where you can start your business with a small amount and from small business man you can be the richest business man. This game will give you the opportunity to become a successful business man the only thing you have to do is manage your building and the requirements of your building. This business management can be played online and offline both. So if you want to play this game with your friend just invite them and play it. So if you want to play in your Android or iOS, just tap on the link below according to your device.
    To Download in iOS device:- Pocket Tower: Build & Manage
    To Download in Android device:- Pocket Tower: Build & manage

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  2. Megapolis:-
    Megapolis business management games for Android and iOSMegapolis is another the best business management game developed by Social Q Ltd. This isastrategy based game where you have to build your own dreamed city and manage the city as a owner. The owner of the city is you. Manage city, provide employment and build more building and increase your income. The aim of the business is you have to become the most successful business man. This game has 3D graphics with beautiful interface. Plan your city, give your name and famous this game world wide for its management and discipline. Take part in various type of competition to prove that you are the best city planner who can manage his own city better than others. This business simulation game can be played offline and online. If you are alone then play offline and if you want to involve your friend in this game, invite your friend and start playing the game with your friend. The downloading link is given below  from where you can download the game in your device weather it iOS or Android.
    To Download in iOS device:- Megapolis
    To Download in Android Device: Megapolis
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  3. Resort Island Tycoon:-
    Resort Island Tycoon games for Android Resort Island is a business management game in which you have a owner of a resort and your aim is to build your resort the best resort and also to open many resorts by earning more money from one resort. So now it is upon you how you manage the resort and how you use your business mind to build a big resort. If you don’t want to make your guest anger, you have to provide all the food items as burger, coffee, drinks and pizza. Never upsetting your guest is the key of success in this business because according to your guest rating you will get points and also if the customer is happy, more customer will come to your resort and you will earn more money. So just make sure the guest is comfortable in your resort. So if you want to play this business management game in your mobile phone, download it from the given link and start playing.
    To Download in iOS Device:- Resort Island Tycoon
    To Download in Android Device:- Resort Island Tycoon
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  4. Landlord Real Estate Tycoon:-
    Landlord Real Estate tycoon games for iOS & Android  
    Landlord Real Estate is another business management game to make your business dream true. Real Estate tycoon game is the best game in which you are a property dealer and your work is to deal the property and be the best property dealer. Just deal and argue with the people and done the deal. The is a reality based tycoon game where you can choose the location and use your money to buy that land and sell it to get profit. There are many competition is also played in which you can take parts and deal with all situations and be the best master of this game. So if you want to play this the business simulation game in your mobile phone start playing it in your mobile phone. The downloading link is given below from where you can easily download.
    To Download in iOS Device:- Landlord Real Estate Tycoon
    To Download in Android Device:- Landlord Read Estate Tycoon
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  5. Ship Tycoon:-
    Ship Tycoon business management games for Android & iOS 2018Ship Tycoon is another one the best business management games which is developed by TradeGame Lab Inc. In this business simulation game, you are going to start a ship business and you will start from base means first of all, you have to buy a small ship and manage that ship and earn money. By earning money, extend your business and buy more ships. It is fully upon you. If you manage it beautifully, your business will automatically become large and like this, you will become one of the most successful ship tycoon. There are more than 80 major ports and five different type of cargo ships and many more things. So this another and last game of the list but the best business management game for business game lover. So just download this game and become one of the best business tycoon and CEO of the World. If you want to download this game, just click on the below given downloading link and start playing.
    To Download in iOS device:- Ship Tycoon
    To Download in Android Device:- Ship Tycoon

These are the best 5 business management game for Android & iOS device 2018. In these game, you will get all the business management game feature and you can prove your self one of the best business man. These business simulation games are available both online and offline. If you want to solo mode, just download it and start playing and if you want to play with your friend, just play it online. So these are the Top 5 business management games and if you want to download this game the link is given below every given game, download from there and start playing. Please comment about the article and you can also comment other game if you know any other business simulation games. Thanks.

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