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Offline Free Word Games for PC

Word games are the games which every student loves to play because in word games every you should have large vocabulary storage in your mind. These types of game can be played by anyone who wants to eliminate their spelling mistakes and also want to make strong vocabulary section. If you are generally going to find word games for PC, you will find lots of word games but in that games there are many best games which are given in the below given list. All the given word games are the best for PC and have the best competitive words which will really challenge you.

So if you love to play word games in your smart PC, just read the whole list and choose one or two of them. I have also published many other PC games which are also the games. You can also tap on the list to choose better one for your PC. Let’s see the list……

Top 10 Word Games for PC 2018

  1. Hidden Object Crosswords 2

    Hidden object Crosswords 2 is one of the best word game for PC. In this game, the word are laid in cross and you have to find. It will start with easiest level but level will up as you progress in the game. There are many challenging tournaments are given which are challenging. So after understanding the rules and regulations of the game, go straight to the tournament and prove you mind’s sharpness. While playing the game, you have to collect stars to unlock other levels. Just download the game in your PC and start playing.

  2. Scrabble

    Scrabble is another word game for PC. Scrabble is a family word game in which you can play the game with your family member or with friends. This word game has many modes as classic modes, race against the watch, climb to top tournament and many other. You will be given some hint also to solve the word puzzle game. So just invite your family members or friend to play with you and beat them and show them your skill. So if you wish to play Scrabble game in your PC, get it from its official website and start playing.

  3. Word Search Deluxe:-

    Word Search Deluxe is another word game which can challenge a genius who can beat any one. Word search has large vocabulary and you have to have the best vocabulary storage in your mind to find the world. However the game will start with the easiest level and also it will give you the hint to find the word but as you be veteran in the game, you will get difficult words to find. Word Search deluxe has all the feature which a word game should have. You can also challenge your family members and friends to play with you. This game can be downloaded from the its official website.

  4. Super Text Twist:-

    How many words have you remembered? Do you want to know? Just play this super text twist word game in your PC and test your word power. This word game is really tough game for the beginners because there are many such words are given which are not usually used by us. Although hint will be given you to solve the puzzle, as you progress in the game, you need really great word power. So if you want to play this tough word game in your PC and test your skill power, start playing. Super Text Twist have some really best word which you can learn from the game. So download the game from its official website and start playing.

  5. Bookworm Adventures:-

    Bookworm Adventures is one of the best word game for PC and is suitable for every age group persons. This game is fairly challenging and can be played with family members and friends. This game has adventurous taste like Sindbad and other adventurous game but in this game, you have to use your vocabulary skill to unlock more levels and more challenges. Have you ever played word game cum adventure game, if not, just play this game, you will love this game. Challenges will become more challenging as you grow up in the game. So just start playing this game in your PC and become the best word game player.

  6. Simple Word Search

    Simple Word Search is the best game for word game for PC 2018. Just find the hidden word which is hidden in the board. While playing, you have to collect stars to unlock new levels. There are many modes also available which will taste your word power and vocabulary. The game is easy to understand but it is very hard to master. So use your skill, improve your word power, while playing. This game is available fro every age group people and one who doesn’t have confident and make many mistakes in spelling can play this game. So if you also want to challenge your skill, start playing this game by downloading from its official website.

  7. Word with Friends

    Word with friends is also well known word game for PC. Just invite your friend and even you can invite your family member to play against you. There are many tons of levels and if you want to cross the level, you have to be accurate and your vocabulary should be large. As usual the game will start from the easiest level but as the game progress, the game will become difficult and challenging. If your vocabulary is so week and you want to improve it or if you are confident about your vocabulary and want to taste, just play this word game in your PC. It will surely help you to build build more vocabulary. So just download it in your  PC and start playing.

  8. Snap Attack

    Snap Attack is another the best word game for PC. This is a fast paced tournament and it will challenge and you have to complete the change within the given time. There will be 2 1/2 minute to solve the puzzle and if you have don’t solve within the given time, you will lost the game. So this game is specially made for the legend who wants to make the mind sharp. In the starting of the game, the words will be easy to be cracked but  game  as you grow up in the game, they become the difficult. So if you want to play the game and want to be sharp, just download snap attack game in your PC and start playing it.

  9. Word Twist

    Word twist is another word game in which you have to make word from letters. As you will be asked to make words as much as you can by using 6 or 5 word and this is the challenge. If you unable to make the word, you will lost the game. There are many other modes which will challenge you. If you want to accept the challenge and also want to invite your friend to play this game against you, just invite your friend and start playing the game. Word Twist is also very famous game for its game play and also for its challenge. So just download the game in your PC and start playing.

  10. 3rd Floor Word Search

    3rd Floor Word Search is another word game for PC 2018. This is anestother the word game which doesn’t need introduction. This game has word game features as 150 categories four modes and millions of word to guess. Some words are easy while some are difficult to guess but if you have enough vocabulary you can definitely guess the words. There are many letters given in boxes and you have to match them and make the words which are given out of the table. So you have to give your whole concentration on table to find the words. If you want to this game, just start playing the game in your PC and become the best word master.

    So these are the best PC Word game for you. These games are available for both PC and mobile. All the given game has the best features to play in PC. These games don’t need any specific requirement and you can play these game even in your low storage computer. So just download the game in your PC phone start playing. Thanks.

Offline Free City Building Games for PC 2018

PC City Building games are very challenging games. City building games allow you to think about world’s situation. If you want to become a builder and want to do a project which gives you the basic and practical knowledge, city building games are the best game. City building games allow us to build our dream city and by playing these games we can come to know how challenging this task is! There are many city building games for PC but some city building games are the best for PC. Just build a city, complete the basic needs and make your city a perfect city. PC city building games are loved by games lover because Game lovers can build their city on big screen.

So if you love city building games and want to make a dream city where every thing is perfect, the given list of top 10 city building games for PC can make your dream true. All the given games are offline game. So you don’t need to worry about internet or wifi connection to play these games. So just start playing city building games, maintain all the requirements and be the number 1 builder of the world. I have also mentioned some other link in between this article, you can follow the link to visit the article. Let’s see the list……………

Top 10 Offline City Building Games for Android 2018


Banished is one of the best city building games for PC. In this game, some people are banished from their country and they want to settle down in a forest. When they banished, they only had some clothes, some foods and some other basic requirement and all these thinks are limited. Your task is you have to help them in settling down and also fulfill all their requirements.

Give every citizen some work so that they can earn their livings as assign one of them with blacksmith to help blacksmith earn the money and assign some one with carpenter. Like this engage every citizen with some worker to make them employee. Open school for children and make factories for more employment. So this is very challenging city building games for PC and if you want to play just download it in your PC and start playing it.

Urban Empire

Urban Empire is another the best city building games for PC 2018. In this game, you are a builder as well as a mayor of one of the four given cities. Now its your turn to show your skill in making city a perfect city because all other mayors  are going to make your task too challenging. You have to beat your opponents politically as well as by making a perfect city and better city than other mayors.  So you have manage both city building and political intrigue.

If you love to play such city building games in which you can face real life problem, this city building game is made for you. If you think that you can be the best city builder, download this Urban Empire in your PC and start accepting the challenge. You have to be the best among three mayors. Download this game from the its official website.

‘Prison Architect’

This game can be attractive and one of the most challenging city building games for you. Prison Architect gives you the opportunity to build a tight security prison from where no prisoner can escape by breaking your security.  The worker will work according to your order. Build a prison and you can also build an execution room the execute prisoners.  So building is a fun with challenges because if you any prisoner will able to break your security, you will lost the game. So just make sure every thing and after building all cells, canteen and guards room, you can stock the prison with guard dogs to make sure the security.

Now choose a prisoner who is going to escape from the jail. He will try to escape from the jail by breaking the jail or by digging a tunnel in the jail or the the prison can attack your security guard to escape.  So you have to take care of every thing and don’t let the prisoner go from the prison. This is very exciting and addictive city building game for PC. You can download this game from its official website.

Constructor HD

constructor HD is another city building games for PC. In this game, you have to build a city and manage and also have to stop all evil things as robbery, lynching, pelting and also employment problems almost every real life problems.  This is very serious city building game where the rivals will try to destroy your city’s management. So if you have to be aware of these problems and be the best constructor of the world .

This is very addictive and interesting city building game for PC. Some users have found bugs in this but as the developer fixed the issue, now it is the best city building game for PC. You can download this game in your phone and start playing.

FrostPun :-

FrostPun is another the best City Building game for PC 2018. This is very serious city building game in which you have make a strategic plan to survive from volcanic winter. You have to keep warm all the city. The story of the game is very interesting and attractive. In this game, you are a king of a city and your city is situated in the volcano of Ice. Now it’s your duty to save your people from the cold. Burn woods and coal. Call the hard working workers who can do work in the sunny day and also in the icy days. Use the workers in the work of survival. The decision which you take in the game will long lasting and can give a bad consequences. So you have to make a strategy and then take tough and challenging decision.

Many tough and confusing decision will pop up on the screen but you have to work according to your plan to save the city. So you are going to play a survival city building game in which you have to your best to save your city. So download the game from the website and start playing.

Planet Base

Planet Base is also one the best city building game 2018 in which you have opportunity to learn how a city is build and how to make a city a perfect city. This game is called planet base because in this game you are a space traveller and your planet have lost. Now you are forced to make your own city on another planet. So you have many skilled work who can make everything. They are waiting for your order as you command them they start working according to your instructions. Fulfill every basic needs as electricity, water and food.

You have to produce electricity by making dam on water river and for water, you can dig well and also you can use hand pump system for pure water. Now make field and sow something to eat. Now you can understand how good and addictive game this is. So if you like this city building games, you can download this city building game in your PC and start playing. This game can be downloaded from its official website.