10 Offline Free Sports Games for PC 2020

Do you love sports games and do you want to play it on your PC? Here are some best sports game for PC. The list is filled with the best sports games which have all high graphics and sport game friendly interface. As you know there are many many sports games available on internet but only some of them are the best for PC. So in this article, only that games are given which have all the feature and which suits PC.

Best 10 Sport games for PC 2018


Sports games need best graphics and interface so that you can take your moves smoothly. Some people love football while some people love to play cricket or volleyball, Rugby etc. So I have given every game in this top 10 sport games list. Lets know about the top 10 sports games for PC.

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Top 10 Sports Games For PC 2018

  1. Baseball Star 2 Baseball Star game for PC 2018

    Baseball Star 2 is one of the best sport games which have available on the internet for PC. This game has 3D graphics with the best game play. You can take every move frequently and also it has sport game friendly interface. There are many leagues as international league, national league and also state level leagues. Mode can be also chosen by you as there are three modes available in which you can play easy mode, medium and hard. You can also learn and practice the shots and moves and then you can choose it.

    So if you love to play baseball game and it is your one of the most favorite game, just download the Baseball star 2 game in your PC and start playing.

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  2. Pro Evolution Soccer 16

    Pro Evolution Soccer 16 for PCPro Evolution Soccer 16 is another the best soccer game for sport game lover. This game has also best color full graphics and also smooth and HD interface in which you can easily play your favorite shots. This soccer game is perfect for the PC as it has high level graphics and clinch free. Pro Evolution Soccer is also featured big player like Messi and Ronaldo and also big teams like Barcelona and Liverpool. You can view your match analysis and ranking offline as it is available.
    You can set the setting according to your PC requirement and start playing with your favorite player. So if you love to play soccer games, you must play this game in your PC. Download it from it official website and start playing.

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  3. Out of the Park Baseball 2016

    Out of the Park baseball 2016 game for PC
    Out of the park Baseball 2016 is another the best baseball game for PC with good graphics and smooth playing. The history of this game is very ancient as it has first developed in 1998 and afterwards the developer of the game changed it tremendously. This game has license for the Major league baseball and boast game play action. This game provides you all facilities as you can appoint yourself as a managing team director or a manager. You can auction your player and also you are allowed to change your team without any restriction.
    The only downside of the game is poor graphics but the developer is now improving it and in future you will get the best baseball game in the form of this game. So if you want to download the, just download it in your PC and start playing.

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  4. Ashes Cricket

    Ashes Cricket game for PC 2018

    If you are a cricket lover, you knew the ashes series and its hotness. So if you love to play cricket in such atmosphere, Ashes cricket is the best option for you. In this game, you are allowed to take every personal decision for your team in field and out field. From selecting team to batting and bowling order. You can place your fielders where you want and also you can bowl where you want to. This game has high graphics and best cricketing atmosphere. So if you want to play such game, just download it in your PC and start playing this game.

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  5. Madden NFL 18

    Madden NFL 18 game for PC 18
    Madden NFL is another the best Sport game for PC. In this game, you are the master and you can play according you own plan. Long shot is the newly featured. So you can enjoy this shot also. A high graphics with beautiful interface attracts the gamer. If you are truly a sport gamer, you will love this game. Some more new feature have been engaged in this game this year and you haven’t play this game, just try it once.

    Madden NFL is perfect game for PC and so just download and install this game in your PC or Computer and start playing this game.

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  6. FIFA 2018

    Fifa 2018 game for PC 2018
    Fifa 2018 is another most famous game for android phone. For the lover of Soccer means football, it is a blessing. This game is famous for its high and beautiful graphics and also for its football game friendly interface. Just Select you own squad from the auction ceremony and choose your favorite stadium and also your favorite team to play against worlds best squad. Just challenge them and defeat them.

    Select all star player in your own squad and be the best player of the world. So if you love to play football, you can show your skill in this game and be the best football gamer of the world. Just download this game in your PC and start playing.

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  7. Football Manager 2018

    Football Manager 2018 sport game for PC 2018
    Football Manager 2018 is one of the best sport games for PC. FM 2018 has command on many football lover’s heart. Just customize setting according to your wish as graphics and interface and other setting. This game keep on improving as years pass by.

    They improved it a lot and also merge some new features which make this game very beautiful and interesting. If you love to play football games this will definitely full fill your wish. So Just download this game in your PC and start playing it.

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  8. Golf Story

    Golf Story game for PC 2018
    This game is best for Golf lovers and this is also a role playing game for PC. If you play it once, you will become addictive and never want to leave it. Some new features have been developed with high graphics and best sport friendly interface. There are many mini games and quest for you. So just choose it according to your interest.

    So if you love to play such game and also want to be the best player, you can download it in your PC and start playing. The price is too less for what it is giving you.

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  9. Stick Cricket

    Stick Cricket game for PC best Spot game 2018

    This is another best cricket game for PC. This game was first come in prominent in 2006 but it is still interesting and addictive. Play all your shots according to the length of the ball and also you can customize team and place the fielder on every ball and also you can change the batting order. Stick Cricket has HD graphics with sport friendly interface. There are various pitches and stadium, you can choose it according to your plan and favorite place.  So just download the game in your mobile phone and start playing this game in your PC.

  10. Brian Lara 96
    Brian Lara Cricket Game for PC 2018

    Brian Lara 96 is one of the best cricket sport games for PC. This game is based on story of  the legend of West Indies Brain Lara. The person who love to play cricket and love to watch cricket will love this game. As year pass by, it is improved and many best features also added in this game. You can play all Brain Lara Shots and also some other shots of modern day cricket. This game is equipped with many latest features as DRS and review and some closer looks. So if you want to download this game in your PC, Just download it and start playing.

So these are some best and most famous Sport games for PC. These games are  also available for many other gaming equipment as XBOX and other. So you can play it. Just download one of them and select which one you like most and comment below so that the other visitor of the website can get the idea. Please also comment about the list which I made for you.


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