10 No WiFi Sport Games for Android 2020

Sport game’s genre is very famous because usually these games are very addictive and very attractive. There are many games which we like to play as Cricket, Soccer, Carom board, card, 8 ball pool, badminton and many others game. Sport Games are famous from PC era when we only play games in PC and it is still famous. There are many games available on the internet. Some of them are online and some of them are offline. It is very hard to find offline game in Sport games. There are many advantages of playing no wifi game as it doesn’t require internet connection to play and you can practice without limit. In this article, I have mentioned only offline sport games for Android phone 2019.

In the year 2018, there are some the best and well designed sport games are developed. So most of the game are from there. The below mentioned games are very addictive and interesting game. The animation, graphics and interface is good for offline users. So if you are here for non wifi sport game, just read the description which I have mentioned below and choose according to your hobby and start playing it. The link given below of each game which will leads you to Google play store. Tap on the link to download in Android mobile.

Top 10 Offline Sport Games For Android Phone 2019

EA Sport UFC

EA Sport UFC is the best  sport game to play in android phone 2019. The lover of EA sport UFC will love this game. The game play of this game is fantastic and graphics is excellent and the interface is also UFC friendly. UFC have many different types of daily challenges. Practice your moves to become perfect and defeat your opponent with ease. Some of the games features are the best for you. So if you like UFC game, get it from the given link and download.

To Download in Android Phone: EA Sport UFC

Fie SwordPlay

Fie Sword Play is another best well known game for android. This game is absolutely free and also available for you offline. There are many different levels and each level is harder than previous one. Sword play has some rule which you have to know before playing it. When you download this game, you will know the rules. The graphics is 3D and the interface is sword play friendly. Just practice all the game winning moves and knock out your opponent and defeat them easily.

To Download in Android : Fie Sword Play

Fifa Soccer

FiFA Soccer is the best game for the football players. The game’s animation is worth appreciation. The graphics and interface is very good. Just play your moves freely without any disturbance and without any glitch. Practice all your shots and kicks to defeat your strong opponent. Lots of trophies and awards are waiting for you. So just show your football playing skill and defeat you opponent. You have to follow all soccer rule. So just download it in from the given and start playing it.

Download in Android Phone: FiFA Soccer

 Madden NFL Football

Madden NFL Football is another game that require no internet connection of the year 2019. This is very famous NFL football game for android. In this game, you will meet very football game requirement as graphics, game play and interface. The shot playing is too easy that you can easily play your dream moves here. There are many strong team and you have to defeat them for extra points and for increase your rank status. So if you love to NFL football game which doesn’t need internet connection, this game is only made for your, just get it from the given link and start playing it.

To Download in Android:- Madden NFL

MLB Tap Sport Baseball

MLB Tap Sport Baseball is a android game which is available offline and suitable for every android mobile phone. As there are many amazing tournament and mini matches are held. So you can enjoy playing baseball in this game. The graphics and the interface allows you to play freely. The game requires no extra requirement so you can play it without any disturbance. As baseball is very interesting game,  you will not be bored and you can kill your time easily. So just download it in  your android phone and start playing it in your android phone.

To Download in Android Phone: MLB Tap Sport Baseball


NBL Jam android game is the best game. As it is a arcade basketball game, the lover of basketball will love this game for its graphics and game play. The interface and the atmosphere supports basketball game. This game can be played offline and online both. So whenever you get the internet or wifi connection play it with your friend or international players and whenever you don’t have internet connection, just play it offline. So download it in your android mobile and start playing it.

To Download in Android Phone:- NBL Jam

Pro Revolution

Pro Revolution is another best offline sport game for android 2019. This is a fantastic football game for you. In this game, you are allowed to do all what you want to do as a football team manager. From team selection to setting customization every thing can only be done by you. So select your team from auction and do lot of practice so that you can win the title and Fifa World Cup Final. As it is no wifi game, you can play it whenever you get time to play. Although some greatest features are available only in online mode but there is enough feature for offline mode. So if you love to play offline game, just download it from the below given link and start playing it.

To Download in Android Phone: PES

Rapala Fishing

Rapala Fishing is a fishing game for android phone. In this game, you are a fisher man. As many people have hobby of fishing and if you are one of them then it the best for you. This game also can be play without internet connection and with internet connection. Some fishes are precious and very hard to find and some are ordinary. So if you have choose both of them. Rapala fishing is very famous for its graphics and interface quality. There are lots of awards  and item waiting for you. So if you love fishing, you can get this game from below and download it.

Download in Android Phone: Rapala Fishing

True Skate

True Skate android game is very famous skateboading game 2019. The lover of skating will love this game definitely. In this game, you will get to know how to do perfect skating and also know about some interesting fact of skating. The graphics, animation and interface is fantastic. The game play is also best. There are many mini games and tournament is also. So you can play it to beat your opponent.So if you enjoy skating, download this game and start playing it. The link is given below.

To Download in Android Phone: True Skating

Real Cricket

Real Cricket is a offline sport game for android phone. This is very good game for the lover of cricket. The downloads of this game is over one million. In this game, you can choose batting or bowling according to your pitch. Select your team and also select your country and also you can select your opponent. Make strategy as you can place your fielder and bowler without any restriction. There is also DRS and highlight of every match available. The graphics and animation is perfect for cricket match. So if you are a lover of cricket, just download it and start playing the tournament, mini game, world cup and in other events.

To Download in Android Phone:- Real Cricket

So these are the best offline Sport games for android phone 2019. In the all given sport game, you can express all your sport experience and also you can invite your friend to play it against you when you turn on the online mode. So please comment about my collection and you can also mention about other games which you think can belong to this category. Thanks.


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