10 No WiFi Action Games for Android 2020

Action is very popular genre in the gaming. There are many people around the world who love to play action games but as you know action games are normally online games and you have to have wifi or internet connection to play such games. So it is very hard to find offline action games now a days. There are  many pros and cons in online games as it consumes battery frequently and you have to have strong wifi or network connection to play it. This is why many people who play games only for time pass love to play no wifi games. In no wifi games, you don’t need internet connection and it is free to play.

As you know, Google play store is the largest platform for the gaming genre and there are many no wifi action games available on Google play store. If you are operating an android device, you must have Google play store app in your mobile. I also love to play action games specially offline action games because of its special quality. I have made a list of non wifi action games for the gamer who love to play action games without internet connection. The link and games descriptions are given below so just download the game and start playing it.

10+ No WiFi Action Games for Android Phone 2019

Modern Critical War

Offline Action game for android 2019

Modern Critical War is an offline action game in which you are in a intense war field and you have all weapon which can damage enemies. You have to hide from enemies, attack them and win the war. The graphics and interface is so beautiful that you can see each enemy and make strategy to win the war. This game can be played in low performing devices that is why it is the best and has got first place in my list.  So if you want to become a FPS hero, this non wifi game is best for you.

Cover Fire: Action Shooting Game

Cover Fire offline action game

If you love to play action shooting game, Cover fire is one of the best offline action game for you. In this action game, you will get the chance to shoot enemies, make strategy and other important step which make your game. In this game, you can also play a zombie mode where there are many dangerous zombies going to kill you. So before they kill you have to kill them by head shot. If you kill zombies or enemies by head shot, you will also get some extra  points. Cover Fire is free no wifi game, so you can play this action game freely without any disturbance.

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Battle of Bullet:- Free Offline Action Game

No wifi action game battle of bullet

Battle of bullet is also an non wifi action game in which you are a soldier and your task is to kill enemies and save your country from them. There are many dangerous enemies who are going to kill your all mates and also want to rule on your country. So if you don’t want to let them rule your country, just download this free action game in your device and start playing it. Battle of bullet has a beautiful 3D graphics & a war friendly interface.

Mega Killing Squad

Mega Killing Squad game for android

Mega killing squad is a dangerous First person shooting game in which you are going to get the chance to kill your enemies and other rivals to save the worlds. In this game, you will be sent to many secret mission where the rival and terrorist are planning to destroy the world and rule the world. So your task is to kill such enemies and fail their plan and don’t let them plan for other missions. You and your companions have the world’s best weapon so choose wisely the weapon and become world best commando.

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Kung Fu Attack

Kung Fu attack offline game

Are you a Kung Fu lover? If yes, this is one of the best Kung Fu action games for you. In this game, you are playing a role of Kung Fu master. There are many other enemies who want to kill your family and other citizen of the world and your task is to restrict them and kill them before they hurt other peoples. You have to beware of special enemies. These enemies also know Kung Fu art but as you are master, no one can defeat you. Kung Fu attack has 3D graphics which allow you to see enemies from all angles. As you are a freedom fighter, you don’t need to fear. Just download the game and start playing it.

Swat Elite Force: Action Shooting Game

non wifi action game for android

Swat Elite Force is one of the best no wifi action game for action game lovers. If you love to play sole, this game is best for you.In this game, you are going to walk on the death road where you are surrounding by enemies and they are going to attack you, so before they attack you, you have to attack them and kill them. You have many deadly weapons, so you have to choose wisely  to kill them. Remember head shot can kill them in one bullet. So if you love to play such games, just download this offline action game and start playing it.

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Sniper Cover Operation: FPS Shooting

Cover sniper action cum shooting game

Sniper Cover Operation is a First person shooting game. It is an offline action game with 3D graphics and amazing shooting friendly interface. The game play is so smooth that you definitely love this game. There are many rescue operations waiting for you. Just join one and complete the operation for other best games. In this game, you have many attacking deadly weapon which can kill your enemies in one bullet, so just hold your gun tightly and become one of the best fps player. It is very easy to start but hard to master this game.

Blazing Sniper:- Offline Shooting Game

Blazing sniper action game for android

Blazing Sniper is a shooting game in which you are going to play a very intense shooting. This is a offline shooting cum action game. Your country is under attack and you are the only person who can save your nation. Just take your equipment and attack on your country enemies. Your countries pride is one stake. It is very important to survive to the end. There are many terrorist groups planning to attack your country and you have to fail all their plan and kill them all. It is very easy to control the game as the graphics and interface is so smooth.

Gun War Shooting Game

Gun war action game for android

Gun War Shooting game is another best game that doesn’t require internet connection to play. This is very interesting first person shooting cum action game. If you are searching for a real serious action game which doesn’t require internet connection, just play it. In this game, you have many weapon and a map which will locate the terrorist group, you have to get to the location and kill them all. Gun war shooting game has multiple language to support so you can easily select your understanding language and play it.

Dead Trigger: Offline Zombie

Dead Trigger offline zombie game

Dead trigger is also one of the most famous action game for android phone 2019. This is a basically zombie shooting game in which zombies are coming to rule on earth and you are the person who can save the earth from zombies. As there are many zombies weapons which can kill zombies in one bullet but these weapon are not easily available, you have to earn by hard work. So just download this game. In this game, you have to survive till the end. So put your all effort to kill them and start playing it.

Wrapping Up

These are the best Offline no wifi action games for android phone. If you love to play action cum shooting games, just download one of them and play it. Choose according to your taste as zombie action game or Kung Fu action game and play it in your mobile phone. These games can be played in low performing devices. If you download any one of them, please comment about that game and it performance below in the comment box. Thanks.

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