10 No WiFi RPG Games for Android 2020

RPG is one of the most played games ever and also it is loved by every age group. RPG is also called Role Playing Games in this type of game, you will play a role in the game. These games are often played online with friends but as we don’t have always internet connection or strong internet connection to play such online games. That’s why many people prefer to play to play offline RPG game. In this type of game, you have to play  a role whether it is a soldier role or terrorist or chef. You have to play it well and win the game As you know, Google play store is the largest platform for gaming and apps and it is also trusted.

Like you, I also love to play role playing games but if you we talk about online or offline, I love to play offline because online games consume battery and data more than offline games. I have played many role playing games and only few of them are the best for gamer. So I made a list of top 10 RPG games which seriously best games for android phone. So let’s know about top 10 RPG games.

10 No WiFi RPGs Games For Android Phone 2019

Soul Craft

Offline Role playing games for android 2019

Soul Craft is an amazing and offline Role playing games for android users. It has 3D graphics and an smooth interface which attract gamer. In this game, entire world has committing crime and many criminal have come to your city to loot and slay all your citizen. So you have to pick your favorite gun and slay all the criminals. Soul Craft is very tense role playing game. For this game, you don’t need internet connection to play it. So feel free to play this game any where you want to play without worrying about wifi connection.

Iron Blade

Iron Blade for Android phone 2019

iron Blade is also one of the best no wifi RPG games for android phone 2019. In this game, you are a fighter and you have to kill all your enemies. The graphics, interface & game play is so smooth that you can easily play it even in your low performing android device. Iron blade is an free no wifi game to play. While playing this game, you’ll get amazing weapons and bomb which can destroy enemies easily. So just play and collect all things to increase your fighting power. Iron Blade has been downloaded by over two million users. So you can trust this game and download it.


Non wifi RPG games for android

If you love to play role playing cum action shooting game, you must play this game. This game is very addictive and interesting game to play. In this game, you will get all the opportunity to feel about a war situation. If you are the person who love to play smooth graphics game without internet, just play it without thinking a second. Draw an unique sign to cast spell on enemies and use other deadly weapon on enemies. This game is one of the games which can played offline and online both means whenever you have internet connection you can play it with your friends and family members.

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Arcane quest Legends – Offline RPGs

Arcane offline games for android

Arcane quest legends is a new offline RPGs games for role playing game lovers. In this game, you have to protect the earth from serious threaten because the darkness is spreading all other the world and the lord of darkness is getting stronger and stronger. If you feel that you can defeat the lord of darkness and save the world from darkness, just download this addictive RPG games and start playing it. In this game, you’ll get many fighting equipment. This is very interesting game for android phone and for the gamer who love to play non wifi Rpg games.

Dungeon Hunter 5

dungeopne hunter 5

Darkness is increasing and spread its wings all over the world. Every good citizen is become perplexed because there are many bandits and bad people killing them looting them. Now it is time to get up and hold tight the sword and protect all good citizen from darkness. Dungeon hunter is also played offline and online both. So you can invite your friends to help you and to drive the darkness from earth. It is very important to use good weapon against the darkness because if you can’t kill them, they will kill you. So just raise your sword and kill all of them and save the world.

The Dark Book: No wifi RPG Game

The dark book RPG game

The Dark Book is never ending RPG game because there are many levels and each level is very addictive and interesting. You don’t wifi or better device for playing this game as the graphics and game play is so good to play in low performing devices. In this game, first of all you have to find the real cause of darkness and then destroy them all. As darkness is going to rule on the world and universe, so you have to stop all these nonsense and create a better world for the next generation.

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Legend of Darkness

No wifi rpg games

This game is also all about darkness and you are the person who is going to fight with these darkness leaders. There are many people who love to spread darkness and kill people for getting money and rule. Legend of darkness has downloaded by over 1 lakh gamer who love to play role playing game as the interface and graphics quality is so good. The downloading is increasing day by day. So if you think you can play and defeat the darkness and arrest the bad peoples, you must play this game in your android device.

Soul Craft 2

Soul Craft 2 offline game

Soul Craft 2 is the second part of the most famous and played offline RPG game Soul craft. In this game, you have to do the same thing but there are some strong enemies have introduce them self who can kill you in one shot but don’t worry because darkness can’t defeat the good people until they surrender. So if you are going to face the darkness and don’t want surrender, just download this game and start playing it. In this game, you have full freedom to explore your shooting skill.

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Griblers: Non wifi games

Non wifi rpg games for android

Griblers is one of the best turn based RPG game for android 2019. In this game, you have the chance of building your own world and manage it on your own way but you have to beware of bad peoples because they don’t let you to do so. So you have to fight with them and defeat them. You have many weapons and bombs to destroy them. Griblers has very simple graphics but it can handle high quality things. So just don’t  be fooled by it. Just download the game and start playing.

Heroes Infinity: Blade & Knight

Heroes of infinity offline rpg

Heroes Infinity is also role playing game for android. This game can be played offline and online both. In this game, you are on a journey to build your team to fight against the strongest enemies. This is a real fighting game. It is very addictive and interesting game to download. If you love to play such strategic & RPG, heroes Infinity is one of the best game.

Wrapping Up

These are the best no wifi RPG games for android phone. If you love to play strategic & RPG & action game in one game, you can download any one of them, If you download any one from the above given game, please comment about that game in the given comment box. Thanks.

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