Best No WiFi Farming Simulation Games 2020

The Gamer who want and love to play as a farmer love to play farming simulation games. In farming simulation games, you are going to all farming related work as sowing seeds according to weather, taking care of it, cut the well ripped harvest, hoard it in store room and finally sell it and earn money from it. Farming simulation is one of the most popular category in simulation gaming. As you wanted to play offline simulation, it is very important to find free offline and best farming simulation game on Google play store. Offline farming simulations are best because it doesn’t require internet connection to play without any glitch or low internet connection problem.

In farming simulation game, you have to learn many things about farming or agriculture and also you have to know how to earn money from farming. It is very important to know about season and which harvest is to be sowed. As I also love to play farming simulation game and have played many farming simulation games, I made a list of best offline farming simulation games for you. So just read each game description and download the game according to your taste. The list is given below with downloading link, just download the game by clicking on it and start playing it.

10 Best Offline Farming Simulation Game for Android 2019

Farming Simulator 14

Farming Simulator game for android

Farming simulator 14 is very popular farming simulation game for android. In this game, you are going to be one of the best farmer of the world, if you love farming and manage it well. This game will allow you to choose in which season or weather you want to play. So just choose the season and sow seeds of that season, water it and give other essential thing for good harvest. Farming simulator has 3D graphics and a beautiful interface, so it is very easy to play such game. There are also some other challenging task to do and if you complete the task, you get points to level you up.

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Farm Fest: Offline Simulation Game

Farm Fest offline farming simulation game

Farm Fest is another offline simulation game to explore your farming skill. If you think you can be one of the farmer of world and defeat all other user of farm fest, you can prove it by playing it.Just Sow the seed, manure it, water it and cut it on time. Sell it on high price and buy other essential equipment for better farming. There are many other challenging task in this game which you have to complete. If you complete the task on time, you’ll get bonus points and you can become the best farming simulator gamer of the world.

Farming Simulator 19

no wifi farming simulator game 19

Farming Simulator is another the best offline farming simulator for android 2019. In this game, you are going to drive the heavy agriculture machine with all its equipment. It is very important to add a perfect equipment in machine so that it may work well. Tractor to excavator and dozer to forklift, allĀ  these machines are really very important for farming and earning more and more grain. 100 + levels give you the hardest task to do. So if you are ready to accept the challenge and want to become the best driver of agriculture machine, just play this game. This game has been downloaded by one thousand people and it is increasing in speed.

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Farm Sim 2018

Offline free Farm Sim 2018

Farm Sim is a game which I have taken from previous year 2018. It is taken because of its 3D graphics and farming simulation friendly interface. This game is for the people who want to get whole experience of farming. In farming sim, sow seed, manure it and water it timely and just cut it on time to get into the world of farming business. You can buy turkey, goat, cow and other domestic animals and these animal can give your milk and other product which you can sell in the market and earn money to increase your farming business. Earn money and buy tractor and other agriculture equipment for farming well.

Big Little Farmer

Offline farming game for android

Big Little Farmer is very popular farming simulation game. This game can be played offline and online both. So whenever you have internet connection just play it with your friend and if you don’t have just play it offline. There are many other real challenges in farming as weather, animals which can destroy all harvest in one night. Sow seed according to season and water it, manure it and finally cut it. Now it is time to sell it to earn money and be ready for investment. You can invest money in buying tractor or excavator for better farming. The graphics and interface is too beautiful that you can play it smoothly.

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Farmland Farming 3D: Free Farming Simulation

farm land farming no wifi game

Farmland Farming 3D is one of the best option to play farming simulation game in which you are allowed to live whole life of farmer farming sowing seed to cut it and driving tractor to harvesting. In starting of the game, you don’t have much, only few things as a little piece of land and some seed and some money but if you do well, you can earn money from it and increase your business and buy other agriculture machine and land for sow more seeds in the ground. If you love playing farming simulation game, this is best offline farming game for you. So just download this game and start playing it in your android mobile.

Farmer Sim 2015

offline farmer sim game

Do you want to live life a poor farmer? Yes then this farming simulation game is the best offline game for you. Although this game developed in 2015 but it is very famous yet for its graphics and game play. In starting of the game, you are a poor dirty farmer who is going to start farming and want to grow his farming to a business level. You can also apply these trick in your real life and earn money. You will also get tips and tricks from this game time to time to grow your business.

Farm Simulator: Farm City Game

offline farming game online

It is a new Farming simulation game. The story is very simple of this game as you are a farmer and you have to feed your children and other member of your family but you have not enough money to do so. Now you have to start proper farming to feed your family and get extra money to buy more land and farming machine. Farming machine will reduce your working hour and you can use it in manuring and thinking about more farming ideas. There are many other people doing farming and you have to be the best farmer to get the no 1 award. As it is a offline farming simulation game, you don’t need internet connection to play it.

Farming Simulator 2018

New offline simulation game

Farming Simulator 2018 is another one of the best offline farming game for android. In this game, you are a farmer and there are many people who love playing agriculture are playing and you have to be the best. Farmers are very ordinary people but very important part of any country. In this game, you are a farmer and your goal is to sow seed, grow it and harvest crops to earn cash. Earning money can be used for buying more farming things as tractor, harvesters and forklift to be a well develop farmer. If you love to become a farmer, just download this game and start playing it.

Cafe Farm Simulator: Kitchen Cafe

offline cafe farm simulator game

Cafe Farm Simulator is other one of the best farm simulator game for android but in this game, you are going to play to role first a farmer role and second a chef role. So you have to sow only that thing which are essential for your cafe kitchen. So just sow crop according to your kitchen necessitiesĀ  harvest it. Cook the crop and sell it to the people and earn from it. You can also imply all these thing in your real life. It is very beautiful business for those who have lots of farm to sow the seed. So if you love to play two role in same game, just download it in your mobile phone.

Wrapping Up

These are the best offline Farming simulation games for android. You can get the best idea and also you can implement your farming ideas in this game to know about its pros and cons. If you download any one of the given game , please mention in the comment box which is given below. Thanks.

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