10 No WiFi City Building Games for android 2020

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a city builder? or Do you ever want to become a city builder? If yes, city building games can give you the experience of becoming the best city builder of the world. In city building games, you have a opportunity to show how well you can manage a city and take care of city by saving it from many natural and human made disasters. Building a city, manage it, giving employ to your citizen is very challenging task but it is enjoying also. So if you want to accept the challenges and want to show your managing skill to the world, just play this game in your android phone and start playing it. There are many city building games on the Google play store in which some are offline and some are online. Offline games doesn’t need internet connection and if you limited data and want to play city building game, you need to play offline city building games. This games also doesn’t consume more battery.

Offline city building games are most popular genre of games because nowadays many people want to start business of city buildings. In this business, you can earn unlimited money. So the given city building games are offline and free to play. The downloading link of the game is given below. So just download the game according to your taste of the game and start playing it.

10+ No WiFi City Building Games For Android Phone 2019

City Island 5 : Tycoon Building Simulation

City Island 5 no wifi game

City Island 5 is one of the best offline city building game for android. In this game, you have the best chance to prove your own city building and managing skills. This city games gives you the opportunity to manage more than one city to manage. It is very challenging to build and manage two or three cities at same time but if you are interested in it, you can manage it well. As this game is no wifi city building game, you can play it wherever you want to play it. The theme of the game and interface is very beautiful and it is attractive and addictive too. So if you want to play such game,just download this game and start playing it.

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SimCity BuildIt

Sim City Build it offline game

Simcity buildit has got the award of best city building games of the year. It has been downloaded by one 4 million peoples. The game play and graphics are so smooth that you will enjoy this game. This game has very less advertise and as it is offline, you don’t need any wifi connection. In this game, you are a builder who is going to become the best city builder of the world. So just find a land and build your own designed city which is filled with all facilities. Build parks, railway stations, bus stands so that that more and more people attract towards your city and make your city your home. Like this, you are going to earn money from city building business.

City Building Island 2

Offline City building game 2019

City building Island 2 is the second part of the game. It is most successful city building game. In this city building game, you have the opportunity to play a builder role who love building cities and make money from that city. Search for a peaceful place where people can live happily. Make buildings with gardens factories for employments and other places so that you can make be one of the best city builder of the world. There are many challenges are waiting for you as pollution problem and population problem. You have to manage it all. It is a perfect city building game for beginner to veteran gamer. So if you haven’t play city builder Island, just download this game and start playing it.

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Megapolis- Real City building offline

New Offline City building game

Megapolis is very beautiful real city building game in which you have full power to build whatever you want. In this game, all places are priced according to real time value. Build skyscrapers and famous buildings in your city but you have to beware because you have limited money and you have make a well managed city with this money. Build a peaceful city and eliminate all bad things so that people attract towards your city and make their home. Megapolis has beautiful graphics and interface for you. So if you want to build Eiffel tower and Taj Mahal in one city, just download this game.

City Mania: Town Building Game

City building Offline game for Android

City Mania give you an opportunity to build your own city and you are the only owner of that city. You don’t need to take order from you boss to make any changes because you are the boss. Make a city, build buildings, make gardens for children and provide all facilities to your citizen as employment, holiday places and mines for natural sources. Tell them how to make a clean city. Make proper roads and hospitals and appoint a doctor. So it is you who can make the city a beautiful well managed city. There are many competitors who love destroying your business but if you work hard, you can win the best city builder awards of the year.

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Little Big City 2

offline little big city 2 game

Little Big city 2 is the second part of Little Big city. As Little big City become of the most successful city building so it developers decide to make a more attractive city building game for their users. This game is very addictive and competitive game in which you have a chance to show your skill and become the best city builder. You have many things as building material, medical store, hospital and other things. Little Big city has 3D graphics and beautiful game friendly interface so that you may it in your low performing device also. So if you love to play it in your mobile, download it in your mobile and start playing it.

Town City – Village Building Sim

offline town building game

Town City is another best offline city game for android. In this game, you are an entrepreneur who want to invest all his money in making building and in establishing his own city building business. So just buy some lands in which you can easily make a city and build building, factories, mining and other required things. You can also builds swimming pool, school, restaurant and hospitals so that people can use any thing without straggle. Town city is a village building game in which you have to make a village in a big city. So if you think that you can do this, this game is the best games for you.

TheoTown City Simulation

city building game offline

Theotown City Simulation is another one of the best game in which you build your dream city. In building a dream city, you have to invest your virtual money which you will get in starting of the game. TheoTown City simulation has beautiful interface and graphics is so smooth. It is daily played by over 95 thousand peoples. So if you love to building cities and expand your cities to become an entrepreneur, this game is best for you. There are many other persons who also want to become a successful entrepreneur can send criminals to your city. So just identify these criminals and tell to police. A very interesting and addictive city building game for you.

Paradise City: Island Sim

offline city building game

Paradise City: Island Sim has downloaded by 50 thousand people. In this game, you have few money which you have earn from hard work and now you want to establish city building business. After clicking on start button, your work has started. Choose any land where you think that you can make a successful building and start building building, skyscrapers, gardens, schools, hospitals and police station in the city. For employment, you also have to make factories, mines and roads so that every one can earn money for their livings. So if you are capable of building such peaceful city, just download this game and start playing it.

Designer City: Building Game

offline city building game

Designer City Building game is beautiful city building game. If you love to play such building game in which you have full power to do whatever you want, just download the game and start playing it. Design your own city and show your parents and friends. So just download this game and start playing it.

Wrapping Up

These are the best offline City building games for android in this game, your dream will be completed, if your is to become a city builder. All these given games are offline. If you know any other city building game, please mention in the comment box. If you download any one of them, please comment about the game. It is very important for your visitors. Thanks.

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