Best No WiFi Adventure Games for Android 2020

Do you like doing adventures in real life? yes, you’ll also like adventure games in virtual life also. Adventure games are the second most played category in gaming world. In adventure games, you can do adventures while waiting for some one or on boring time. You don’t have to take holiday from your school or office to do adventures. You can play full of adventures games in your mobile phones. You can do adventures like saving a child from kidnappers or ride bike on mountains, escape from locked room by solving puzzles and even you can become an agent of secret agencies. So adventure games are very interesting and addictive. In these types of games,you can play different roles. So if you love playing such interesting games, play it today. There are two types of adventures games available on Google play store, Offline and online. The games which doesn’t need internet connection to play games are offline games and the opposite one is online games.

As you want to play offline games, The list is given below. If you play offline game, you don’t need to worry about your data consume or battery life because offline games are very lite to play. The list of offline or no wifi adventure games are given below. You can download all the game from google play store, the link is also given.

Top 10 No WiFi Adventure Games for Android 2019

Time To Escape

offline adventure game new

Time To Escape is one of the best offline adventure cum puzzle game in which you are locked in scary mansion and if you can’t escape from that place,you are going to die. So just find the way to escape. For escaping the room, you have to solve given riddles, if you solve the riddles, the door will be opened and you will get the chance to get out of the room. Like there are many rooms and each room has a puzzle. So just solve the puzzle and get rid of that scary mansion. The story line is very beautiful and interesting. Time to escape is very addictive game to play. There are many sound so you can choose according to your mood.

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Ellie- Help me Out, please….

Ellie no wifi adventure game for free

This is another offline adventure game for you. Ellie is a little girl who is trapped in a room and you are the only person who can save Ellie from darkness. Ellie is asking help from you. To save this girl child, you have to stake your life and work with Ellie to solve the given puzzle. When you solve the puzzle, you Ellie will go to the next adventure room. Now this room has more difficult puzzle to solve. Don’t worry because every question has a answer, so just go to the room, use your brain and if you can’t understand the pattern, click on hint and get some hint to solve the puzzle. Play this adventure game and save the girl child Ellie, be a hero.

Criminal Case

non wifi adventure games for android

The criminal game love who loves playing spy role will love this game. In this game, you are a spy and there are many crimes taken place as murders, loot. As for the requirement, you have appointed as a spy and your work is to find out the real criminal to stop more crimes in your city. Just go to the place where all these things happening, collect evidence on the basis of evidence find out the criminal. As there are many bad peoples come in your city and they are killing peoples for money and kidnapping child for ransom. If you think that you can stop all these nonsense, this fabulous offline adventure game must be downloaded in your mobile phones.

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Time Gap: Hidden Object Mystery

offline no wifi adventure games for android

Time Gap is a hidden object  mystery game for android users. It is another offline game in which you are going to find hidden object from many places. Find each hidden objects, Zoom in and out , collect points. Travel all over the world. Get magical things to increase your points. This is a free adventure game to play. If you sick off by finding objects, there are two other games to play bubble and  puzzle game. So it is interesting and addictive. You can also challenge your friend to play this game. Set time and find objects within time. If you want to play tournament you can play tournament also in this game. so if you love to find objects, just download this game and start playing it in your android mobile.

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Mirrors of Albion

adventure games that don't require internet connection free

Mirrors of Albion is another best offline adventure game. In this game, you are going to live life of Albion which is very famous movie character. Finding objects, solving puzzles, escaping from evils and helping goods are some main things which you have to do in game. It is very easy to start playing this game but hard to master. The puzzles are too tough to solve but if you use your mind and involve in this game, you can solve the puzzles easily. Time never stops so you have to find objects within given time. There are unlimited levels in this game, so just play and play to sharp your mind.

Worlds Hardest Escape Game

offline adventure games for android

It is worlds hardest escape game in which you have to escape from a mansion. In that mansion, there are 100 rooms and you have to escape through whole room. Escaping pattern is to easy as you each lock has a pattern in the form of puzzle. If you want to open the door, you have to solve the puzzle. Puzzles are easy in the starting but as the game progress, puzzles will get difficult and difficult. So if you are ready for a brain exercise, just play this fabulous adventures game in your device. New puzzles have come with new updates. This is why this game is not boring. You can play this game in boring time and also to pass your time.

Escape Mansion 2

no wifi escape game offline new

Escape the Mansion 2 is another adventure game to play. In this game, you have been trapped in a mansion like previous game but the game play and graphics are different. In this game, the riddle is very difficult to solve. It is easy to solve the riddle in the starting as you can get hint in this starting but when you become veteran, the hint option will get disabled. Mansion has many doors so you have to cross every door to escape. After opening the first door, level will go up and the puzzle will get little more difficult. If you love to play Escape mansion than you will love sure escape mansion game 2. Click on the downloading link and start playing it.

Davey’s Mystery

New no Wifi Games for android offlne

Davey’s Mystery is another best adventure game that don’t need internet connection. In this game, you’ll find many things as finding hidden object, solving puzzles and solving criminal cases. Davey is person who suspected that he is connected with gangster group. Now it is your duty to find out weather it is true or not. If it is true, just inform your bosses. But before accused Davey you have to collect enough evidence. In order to collect evidence, you have to solve many puzzles and finding object as a evidence. So this is very interesting adventure game to play. Just download this offline adventures game and start playing it.

Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden

New offline Adventure game

Abyss is another and one the most famous adventures game. In this game, you are a boy and your fiancee has disappear in the sea which is ruled by darkness. Now it is your work to find out abyss and save her from darkness. Wear Oxygen mask and get into the world of darkness. Here you will find lots of hidden object that will lead you to Abyss. There are some locked door which will open after solving the puzzle. So solve the puzzle and find your most loved fiancee. If you are new to the game, first of all, you have to learn the game.  So just download the game and start playing to solve the mystery of sea world.

CSI : Hidden Crimes

offline adventures game for android

It is best crime adventure game for android. In this game, you are going to find out criminal on the basis of hidden evidence. Just use your mind, find object, interrogate your suspect and solve the murder mystery. In this game, you have many things to do. You feel feel like a spy.

Wrapping Up 

These are the best offline adventure games for android. In this game, you are going to get the best role which you dreamed of. So just choose any according to your preference and download the game. Please mention below, which role do you like most to play? If you know any other adventure game offline, please mention in the comment box below.

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