Best No WiFi Arcade Games for Android 2020

Have you ever played angry birds or fruit ninja? These games are called arcade game. Arcade games are played from ancient time. In arcade games, you will find many varieties as zombies games, bow and arrow games etc. So the person who love to hit aim and practice continuously to get aim will love arcade games. As you are searching for No WiFi Arcade games, there are many arcade games are in Google play store but these games are divided in two categories- Offline or No wifi Arcade games and online arcade games. In offline arcade games, you need internet connection to play it but in online games you have to have wifi or internet connection. Offline games can be played in even low performing devices. That is why, most people prefer to play offline games.

As I also love to play offline games but if you ask which? I will surely  answer arcade because arcades games are very addictive and good for time pass. Weather your are waiting for a train or some one, waiting time is very boring. So these arcade games can make your time interesting. If you search normally for arcade games, you will find many games some games are good and some are too bad to play. This is why, I collected all the best offline arcade games at one place and made a list for you. The list of the best non wifi arcade games is given below, just read the description and download according to your choice.

Top 10 No WiFi Free Arcade Games for Android 2019

Fruit Ninja

Offline fruit Ninja Game for Android

Fruit Ninja has got first place in my list because of its game play or graphics. This game is one of the best  offline arcade games for android. In this game, you task is too simple to cut the floating fruits by swiping your finger on screen. It is very easy to learn and start the game but it is very hard to master. In this starting, the speed is too slow and fruits are coming one by one but as you cross the level one, the fruits will come double and the floating speed will also increase. Like this level will increase and task will become very difficult. So if you think that you can make a high score and give challenge to your friend, download this fruit ninja game in your android phone. As it is very addictive, once you are star playing it, you can not stop yourself from playing this game.

Angry Bird Classic

Offline angry bird game

Angry Bird Classic is one of the most popular game in arcade category. First of all, this game is only available on windows devices but as it became popular, the developers of Angry Birds released this addictive game on the Google play store. In this game, the greedy pigs are coming to eat angry birds’ egg and the survival of angry bird at stake. You are the only person who can save angry birds. Now just aim stupid greedy pig and kill them. You have only few angry birds.So you have to aim well to kill them. Don’t panic take time in aiming and remove all family of pigs to save angry birds. As this is a physics based game while aiming you should know where your aim is going to fall. It should be fall on pigs.

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Angry Bird Rio

offline arcade games

Angry Bird Rio is same as Angry bird classic but this game is more addictive than previous one as there are many levels and it can be play online and both means if you have enough data, just invite your friend challenge him and defeat him. It is very interesting game. In this arcade game, you need to make strategy before aiming because if you make perfect strategy and land the angry bird at right place, you can kill all pigs by one shot. If you kill the pigs in one shot, you will get some extra point for remaining angry birds. Once you start playing this game, you can not get out of it because it is very interesting and addictive. So if you love playing such arcade game, just install it and get into the game.

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Zombie Killing

Killing zombie arcade offline


Zombie killing is one of the most famous arcade game for android. Zombie killing game also fall in many other category as shooting games, action games and zombie games. According to this game story, you are at place of zombies and zombies are very hungry to suck your blood. If you want to survive you have to kill zombies before come to you. For killing zombies, there are many weapon available. So choose the weapon and start killing the zombies. Just aim the head because one bullet can kill them when you shoot on zombies head. Zombies killing game is very addictive and interesting game for arcade game players.

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Zombie Smasher

No Wifi Arcade games for android


This is another the best free offline Zombie killing game. In this game, you are living in a town and this town is very peaceful that is why some bad people send zombies for killing  you and destroying your peaceful town. Now you are life is at stake. You have to kill zombies before they come nearer you. Kill them by putting your finger on them. As there are many zombies are coming, you have to kill them speedily. Over 60 plus level and amazing interface make this game very attractive. If you want to save your town and make it most peaceful town of the world, just be one of the best zombie killer of the world.


offline arcade game

NinJump is one of the best arcade games. This is another survival game but it is very interesting and addictive. Over half million people have downloaded this game. In this game, you are playing a role of Ninja who is climbing up. Your task is to climb Ninja as high as you can. There are many evil creature going to make your task difficult. So you have sword by which you can slash all evil thing and go up. If you kill three matching enemies in a row, you will get power boost up. So just kill the enemies and take your ninja on the top. After completing some task, you can get more and more deadly weapon to kill your enemies.

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Squadron – Offline Arcade Game

best offline arcade game for android

Squadron is very interesting offline free arcade game for android. In this game, the whole universe is going to die as the large number of enemies and evil powers have come and start to destroy. It is only you who can kill the enemies and save the entire universe from these darkness soldiers. These soldiers attack in pattern and you have to understand the pattern and attack according to it. You have a space craft by which you are going to shoot them. As the level increases, the difficulty level will also increase. Kill enemies and get more lethal space craft in your store. There are 30 breath taking levels. So if you think you can save the universe, download the game.

Crossy Heroes: Avengers of smashy City

the offline arcade games free

Crossy Heroes is very addictive and well managed games. It has got almost 50 thousand downloads. In this game, you are going to do a most difficult task. The task is to cross roads while there are many vehicle going. As the road is too rush to cross but you have to understand the pattern and then cross the road. This game can be played both way offline and online so play online when there is data pack in your mobile and play offline when there is no. There are hundreds of levels to cross for becoming a star of the city. If you think you can be the star of this game, just download this game and start playing it. Crossy Heros is designed beautifully and the interface is also so beautiful.

Stickman Base Jumper

stickman offline jumper game arcade

Stickman Base Jumper is a fun game in which you are going to jump from the highest building of the city. It is very important to run and jump well. If you run as required, you can not jump. So just make a good run up, jump timely and land superbly. The graphics of this game is awesome. Offline arcade game with interesting game play. This game has so many ads but as the developer assured that they will remove all ads as soon as possible. You can download this game in your mobile phone.

Ram boat – Offline Arcade Game

No WiFi arcade games 2019

Ram Boat is an amazing game to play offline. In this game, you are going to get the best experience of shooting. You are travelling through a river and there are many enemies who are going to attack you. You have to stay alive as far as you can. Ramboat is downloaded by over one lakh people. Just install this amazing addictive free offline arcade game in your mobile and start playing it.

Wrapping Up

These are one of the best offline arcade game for android. In these game, you are going to enjoy the arcade flavor. Just read the article and choose according to your choice. If you know any other fantastic game, please mention it in the comment box. You can also write to me to write which ever topic, you want to know from me in the comment box.

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