10 No WiFi Games for PC 2020

Playing games on PC or Laptop is fun but if you are a data poor means you don’t have unlimited data, you can’t play online games on your PC. This is one of the most relevant reasons to play games without wifi. There are some other reason to play such non wifi games as slow internet connection and battery consuming matter. Slow internet can’t let you play online game because these games need a strong wifi or internet connection. So if you are searching no wifi games for PC, this article is going to help you in this matter. There are many offline games available for internet but only some of them are the best and all other games must have some issues so that these games can’t get good response from gamer groups.

Love for WiFi games, is increasing among game lovers because these games doesn’t cost means offline pc games are mostly free of cost. I also love to play PC games and played many games without wifi. Now I am going to share top 10 pc games of them. The listĀ  consists of offline games from every genre. The downloading link and description is given below. So choose games according to your choice and start playing it.

Top 10 Free Offline Games for PC and Laptops 2019

Warcraft I & II

No WiFi Offline PC Games 2019

Warcraft is one of the best offline strategic game for PC 2019. Warcraft have amazing five series games in which first three games can be played without wifi but other two needs internet connection. This is a fighting game for android. In this game, you are going to fight with enemies who is going to ruin your house and whole world and you have the power to stop them. Fight with them, make strategy and attack them wisely. This game will give the most amazing experience of fighting on PC.

Fall Out 1,2,3

Non Offline PC Games 2019

Fallout is another PC game which can be played offline. It is a role playing game in which you are going to fight for you survival. Fallout game series is developed by Interplay Entertainment. This game is developed in 1997 and it is still entertaining. So if you love playing RPG game, this one is better for you. In Fall Out game, you have full power to increase your power, make strategy and kill your enemies with deadly weapon.

The Witcher 2

Games that don't require internet connection

The Witcher 2 is another action role playing for you. This game has beautiful interface and needs high graphics to play it. Witcher 2 is developed by CD Prejekt Red. This is one of the best role playing non wifi game for PC in you are a mutant and going to save the world from monsters. This game can be played in Xbox, PS4 and also in PC. The story of this game is beautiful. There are many character in this game. So if you want to play such beautiful game, just download it and start playing it.

The Half Life Series

Offline no wifi games free to download

This game is from another genre called first person shooter game for pc. In this game, you are Gordon freeman who is a physicist and battle for Alien invasion. The Half Life series is developed by Valve Corporation and developed for windows but after some years it is also developed for type of gaming console as PS4, Linux, shield portal. The player who love to play first person shooting game will love this game for sure. Play this game in whichever device you want but playing The Half Life Series in PC is fun. The Half series’ many games can be played offline as Half Life source, opposing force, blue force and Half Life.

The Deus Ex Series

Deus Ex offline PC game

It is one of the most famous Games for PC in which you have to save world from a technical terrorists. The Deus Ex Series consists of Deus Ex, Deus Ex – Invisible war, Deus Ex- revolution. Deus Ex series is developed by Ion Storm but after 2003, this game was take over by Edios Montreal. It is Action role playing game and it is available in almost every platform of the world. You can also play this game on Android, PS4. PC. Linux and other platforms. So if didn’t matter which platform do you have, just get this game and get into the action world.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City

No wifi best pc game new

Grand Theft is another one of the most famous multiplayer game but as there are many games in this series, some of them can be played without using wifi as- GTA 3, GTA Vice City and other new entries. This game is developed Rockstar North, Rockstar LincolnĀ  and Visual Science. In this game, you are going to play a thief role. So just do what a thieves to do earn their living as chain snatching, kill people and stole bikes and cars. So if you want to play such amazing action based game, just play this addictive offline PC game. This game can be played in VR and PS4 also.

Call Of Duty 2

PC Games That don't Need wifi connection

Call of Duty 2 is one of the most played military based game for PC. This game can be played offline and online both mode. In this game, you are an army man and you have to survive until the end. You have deadly weapons to kill enemies. Make strategies, upgrade your level and invite friends in online modes. So just play this amazing survival game in your PC. This game is developed by infinity ward.

Max Payne 1 & 2

Max of payne offline game for android

It is a first person shooting game which is developed by Remedy Entertainment. It is one of the most successful and got the game of the year award. In this game, you are a shooter and if you want to win this game, you have to survive through out the game. This is very entertaining and addictive pc game to play. This game is made for Window in the starting but now it can be played on PS4 and other game console devices. So If you love shooting offline PC game, play this game.

Need For Speed Game series| Offline PC Game

Need For Speed For PC games that don't need internet or wifi connection

Do you love to play racing games in your PC? Racing games are one of the most famous genre which is played on PC. Need for Speed is a racing game for PC. Although NFS is famous for online racing game, some game of Need for Speed series can be play offline. Start your car and beat your rivals and be one of the best player of the world. Playing NFS is fun while friends. So whenever you get a perfect internet connection, invite your friend and start playing it and if you can’t find wifi, play it on single mode offline.

Assassin Creed

Assasin Creed No WiFi Games for Android

Assassin Creed is one of the best free offline shooting game for PC. In this game, you are going to face some intense movement while enemies are going to kill you but you have to survive any way. This game is very addictive and interesting. Assassin Creed is developed by Ubisoft and Gameloft. If you want to get involve in the shooting ground and kill your enemies, so just download this game in your PC and start playing it. Have fun and play it offline.

Wrapping Up

These are one of the most famous offline games for PC. All the given games can be played in PS4 and other gaming console devices. If you any other No wifi PC games from any genre, please mention in the given comment box. You can also comment about what other topics you searching for in gaming section. Please tell us we’ll surely tell you. Thanks.

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