Best Offline Free Adventures Games for PC 2020

Have you ever played adventures games in your mobile? Yes, you can feel how wonderful it is to play free offline adventures games in PC. Adventures games are mostly played by all groups of peoples. In this types of games, you will get some target to complete within the given periods. It is one of the most played categories of gaming. Mostly Online games are played in PC but if you doesn’t have enough data to play, you move on to offline games. Because online games are data consuming and time consuming games while offline games are free to play without internet. In online games, you can not stop playing games in between of the game but in offline game, you can stop game wherever you want and when you return to the game it will start from there. There are many no wifi adventures games are available on the internet but only some of them are the best.

I made a list of top free offline adventure games which you can play in your pc. These games can be played while there is no internet connection in your computer. So if you love playing free adventures games, just read the description of each game and download the chosen game in your pc.

Top 10 Free Offline Adventure Games for PC 2019


offline adventure games

Minecraft is one of the most popular offline Adventure game for PC. It is very interesting and addictive game in which you are allowed to create your own world. Mine Craft is also comes under city building games category. Build your own city, place everything at the right place so that the citizen of your city can live comfortably. In this game, you are going to get the opportunity to create your own well managed city. Create railway station, bus stand, hospitals, schools, mines, factories and other most important places so that more and more people come to your city and live there. Like this you will earn money and you can invest all your money to building another city. It is very addictive game to play.

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King’s Quest

kings quest offline new

Kings’s Quest is another the best adventures games for pc in which you have to prove yourself as one of the best player before king. You are going to travel one play to other place in order to collect magical things that make king’s dynasty unbeatable. There are many enemies also hidden in your way and if you can not pay attention on the trap, you will lose the game and you game will start from starting point. So if you want to be one of the best soldier of King, just prove yourself by clearing all the levels and defeating all enemies and over come all obstacles.

Stranded 2 Game

PC addictive offline game to play

Stranded is a survival adventure game for you. In this game, you’ll find yourself alone in desert where only and dangerous animals are living. Now you have to find all essential things which is required for living as shelter, food and weapons. As there are many dangerous animals wondering and they are also hungry  so you have to have best weapons to knock down animals. Go on quest to find out more magical things to go to your land back. It is very adventures game to play on pc. It has cool graphics with beautiful interface.

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Can You Escape?

Offline free can you escape game new

It is one of the best puzzle cum adventures game to play in which you are lost in a scary mansion where there are many dangerous ghost are going to kill you. So before they kill you, you have to get out of that mansion. To get out of the mansion, you have to cross 100 doors and to cross each door, you have to solve puzzles. So there are 100 level to solve. This is very adventure addictive game to play. Can you Escape will give you the ultimate challenge to survive. If you love to solve puzzle, this game is one of the best game to play.


Offline Adventure syberia game to download

Syberia is one of the best free offline adventures game in which you are playing a role of a lawyer named Kate Walker who love to investigate ancient mansion and find out the truth behind the mansion. Kate Walker has found a new project to complete in which he has to find out a Syberian  mansion and find the evidence if its owner has died or still alive. While investigating, you will find many hidden object which clue about your investigation. There are some people to whom you can talk. So if you want to play such games, just download the game and start playing it.

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Out of Order – Adventure Game for PC

Free offline adventure game new

Out Of Order is another offline game for PC 2019 in this game, you are playing a role of a teenager music lover named Hurford. One night he flying from the force of storm and reached at a odd location where everyone is different. Every one make him believe that everything is normal but Hurford doesn’t believe them and think that nothing is normal on that place. Now he has to find the way of his home. There are many puzzle which you have to solve to finding your home back. So if you want to play such adventures game, just download this amazing offline adventures game.

King’s Quest 3

PC offline kings quest 3 game

It is the second part of king’s quest game where you are going to another journey and collect some other adventures things along the way. The graphics of the game is very amazing and support pc. If you have played king’s quest 1, you don’t need to understand the game. Puzzles and enemies are very strong in this game. So you have to be careful more. Just escape from traps and be one of the best soldier of your king.

Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull

offline mysteries case files for pC

It is one of the case solving game to play. In this game, you are detective and your work is find out mysterious truth of every murder and missing people. A family has come to your city to live in a haunted house. Now the family’s husband missing due to some unnatural things. This case falls in your pocket to solve. Now your work is to find out where is the missing husband and how he get lost in the night. Some believes that it is because of a soul who doesn’t want that anyone live that house. As you are a detective, you don’t need to believe all these nonsense. Just go to the mansion find out the truth and become one of the best detective.

3 Stars of Destiny

Offline adventure game for pc

3 Stars of Destiny is one of the best game for PC 2019. In this game, you are going to face evil God who want to get power of three most popular human who has a strong power. It is only you who can save him as dark God has set a trap to get the 3 star to his world as Evil God cannot enter in the mortal world. So just lead three of the stars and recognize the trap so that evil God plan ruined. So this is very addictive and well graphics game for PC. As this game is offline you can play it without internet in your PC.

Tale Of Two Kingdoms

PC game offline adventure

Tale of two kingdom is very addictive PC game in which you have to save a kingdom of good king. The graphics and interface are very beautiful. The story line is also fabulous that every one can be addicted to this game. All the magical things happening on the battle ground. All ancient enemies of king are coming to kill the king but you are the online one who can save the world without any fear. So if you want to play such addictive offline adventure game, just download this game and start playing it.

Wrapping Up

These games are one of the best offline Adventures games for PC 2019. In this game, you are going to get the best experience of pc adventure games. There are 10 games given above and you can try each game because each game is fabulous and addictive to play. If you download any one of them, please comment about that game in comment box. You can also comment about this article and also tell what you want to know about a particular game. Thanks.

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