Top 10 Free Meditation Apps for Android 2020

Nowadays Meditation is one of the best way to understand yourself and concentrate your own mind. Meditation is like a learning new skill. If you want to do a meditation, obviously you will need a teacher but as our schedule is too busy to appoint a teacher and attend the class that is why we learn it online. There are many teacher who teacher who give us free guide for meditation. By meditating, you will know how to control our emotion and concentrate on our main work without thinking much. To learn how to engage ourselves with whatever we are doing at that time without thinking about any other thing. So if you haven’t time to learn it from teacher and attend class, there also some apps available which will teach you how to practice meditation on daily routine.

You can also watch You Tube videos but here are also some free meditation app available on Google play store to teach you and you can follow day by day routine for perfect meditation. So if you want to learn how to control our thoughts and how to have a peaceful mind, you have to start practicing meditation. The below given free meditation apps will help you in doing so.

Top 10 Free Meditation Apps for Android 2019

Let’s Meditate: Guided Meditation

Free meditation app for android

Let’s meditate is a free meditation apps 2019 which is available on Google play store free of cost. This is very simple designed app with beautiful interface to follow. You don’t need search for any thing, just open app and choose which situation you want to control as anxiety, sleeplessness, Body scan or healing and start using it with beautiful music background. Let’s meditate app is free guided meditation apps for mindful meditation and other. You can choose how much time do you want to meditate, if you want to meditate long, choose long track meditation and if you want short track, just select short track meditate.

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Deep Meditation: Relaxation & Sleep Meditation App

Free guided meditation app

Deep Meditation is new and one of the best free meditation apps for android. In this app, you are going to get one of best guided meditation tools to keep away all your anxiety and stress. It is too simple to get in meditation, just open app, select meditation according to your moods as to remove sleeplessness or stress and start practicing. Even if you don’t know what is meditation and how to do it. You can start from right here. Learn how to do it and choose a place and keep away stress level.

Insight Timer: Free Meditation App

Free meditation app for android

Insight is no 1 free meditation app which can make your meditation easy and reduce your stress level easily without any effort. There are thousands of guided meditation and tips led by mindfulness experts. If you can’t sleep well or you are stressed, Insight timer can reduce it in one minute, if you follow the given guided meditation tips. Never ending lectures and a perfect video can give a perfect meditation training to you. Over 30 thousand downloaded and it is awarded for the best meditation apps. So if you want to start your meditation journey, you can start from this app now.

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Simple Habit Meditation 

Free guided meditation app for android

Simple Habit is another best meditation app to do meditation in your busy life schedule. It has full guided meditation. You can learn many simple Technics how to reduce stress only in 5 minute. Are you going to a meeting or to a date? don’t worry just follow the meditation teacher 5 minutes, you can gain your confidence back. Mindfulness experts give the tips which you have to follow while practicing meditation. If you follow the experts tips, you can get better deep sleep, reduce anxiety and relax your mind within 5 minutes.

 Headspace: Meditation & Sleep


Head Space is a free meditation & sleep as it provides mental relaxation and reduce stress. Whether you are going to office meeting or any very important interview, headspace can make your day. As it has over 94 thousand downloads, many persons have the best result from this app. This mindfulness meditation app which teach you how to breath and how to control your emotion and also how to reduce heart beat rate immediately. Don’t think that it is too hard to do meditation practice because meditation teachers are going to teach you. So just download this guided meditation app in your android.

Meditation & Relaxation: Guided Meditation

Free meditation apps for y

This app is very beautiful and well guided meditation app to reduce mind stress and for relaxation of mind. Have you ever in anxiety and can not sleep well whole night? Don’t worry it happens to everyone because as the workload increases on our shoulder, stress level also increases.  To reduce our stress level, we go to meditation. This meditation & Relaxation app can make it so simple that you can easily done this wherever you are. Meditation & Relaxation has the best mindfulness meditation teacher to teach you how to do it. So if you are in stress and also busy in daily life, download this free app in your mobile and start doing it.

Calm- Meditate, Sleep & Relax

Mindfulness meditation app

Calm can make your mind calm at every situation by meditating medicine. Just do meditation, relax your mind and sleep well. It is very simple but if you want to make it simple, you have to meditate daily and use this Calm app. Calm Meditate app is very easy operating app. Just get into the app select the period of time as 5 minute and 25 minutes, select track and start practicing it. Over 1 lakh people have downloaded this app this their android mobile. So if you want to download it and start meditating, click on the link get it from Google play store app.

The Mindfulness App : Relax, Sleep & Focus

Best meditation for free

The Mindfulness app is the best mindfulness meditation app to release stress and pressure and relax mind instantly. If you are always in stress and anxiety and don’t know how to release pressure, this meditation app can make your stress free personality. One of the best teachers guides you and teach your mindfulness meditation. You will also learn how to focus your study or on your job. Whether you are a student or a business man or manager, stress is a part of our life and we don’t know how to handle it, we will ruin ourselves. So this mindfulness meditation will teach you how to reduce stress and live a happy life.

 Stop Breathe & Think: Mindfulness & Meditation Apps


If we don’t know how to handle our emotions, we can not live a happy life because nowadays competition levels has increased and along with competition level, stress level has also increased. Stop Breathe & Think is one of the app which can  make your life easier and happier by reducing your stress. Meditation is one of the best cure of stress and sleeplessness. So just meditate by following this app and live life happily.

Guided Meditation Free App

best meditation app for android

Very beautiful app to release pressure and stress and very new app with new meditation tips and tricks. Well educated teachers and guider can make mind fresh and new. If you love meditation, just download this guided meditation app and be happy. You can also upload your video and tell other how you release your stress  in 3 minutes.

Wrapping Up

These are the best free meditation app for android 2019. All these app are free and there are many teachers and experts who will guide your pose and tell you how to do it. If you are life is too busy to think about yourself, this will teach you how to do it. If you download any one of the given app, please mention in comment box about that app. You can also share your experience how you reduce your anxiety and stress and start living happy life.

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