Top 10 Movie Maker Apps For Android 2020

Do you want make and produce your movie by using your android phone? If yes, movie maker apps can make your task easy. Nowadays, You Tube is a platform where you can be a hero by uploading your short video or long video. But before uploading a video on any platform, you have to make perfect video. A perfect video has title, amazing video effects and fabulous and interesting sound effects. All these features can be added in videos by movie maker apps. There are many movie maker applications on Google play store which has many amazing features but some of them are best.

If you have a You Tube channel or Facebook pages or Instagram pages and you want to upload video, it is very necessary to have a good movie maker app because using movie maker app, you can add many things and apply many suitable effects in your videos. This is why movie makers apps are very popular and every You Tuber need to download best movie makers apps in their android phone. Here are some top movie maker apps which can help you in making perfect movie.

Top 10 Movie Maker Apps for Android 2019

 Best Movie Editing


It is a best app for movie maker who want to add extra effects and new sounds in video. You can add voice recording and dub your movie in other language as by using this movie maker app, you can mute original voice of video and also you can add self recorded voice it any video easily. So if you want to edit your video perfectly, Best Movie Editing app can make it easy for you. This movie maker app is free to download from Google Play Store. The link is given above in the name of this game.

Video Maker with Music, Photo

Video Maker is another best free movie maker app to make a fabulous high quality videos. This movie maker app is one of the best movie maker apps to download. In this apps, you can easily make whats app status and short videos with special effects. If you have You Tube Channel or you want to make video for Instagram story, this app is a fabulous app to download. Video Maker is available on Google play store. New and many amazing video editing features are regularly added in this movie making apps.

Video Maker of Photos with Music

Video Maker of photos with music has an other name Filmigo Movie maker. This is one of the most popular movie maker app as over half million people use it to make a perfect video and also for edit video easily. You can easily erase real voice of a video and add other voice recorder and music. There are many other features as you can add Emojis, stickers and blur any item of the video. So the You Tube and Facebook users who have account make video related to their profession. must download this game.

VivaVideo- Video Editor & Photo Movie

Viva Video is another best apps for video editing and movie making. This app is downloaded by over 10 million people. In this app, there are many video editing tools and free musics and special frame to make a photo video movie. You can make your best memories photos and convert into a video by adding music in it. Vivavideo is using by over 10 million peoples daily. So if you want to play such video in which you can add other HD quality photos with music and make a perfect video.

PowerDirector- Picture Video Maker App

Power Director is one of the best Picture Video maker apps for android 2019. In this app, you can make add photo as many as you want and also you can add your favorite music and make a video. Whether you want to make a whats app status or a story for any other social media site, Power Director will help you in every part. There are many video making apps available but power director make its place as a picture video maker app. So if you want to have a picture video maker app, this app is good for you.

Movie Maker- A Picture Video Maker App

Movie maker is one of the best app to add more photos and edit video before display it one large screen. If you want to make your project video or any other office related video or whats app status video, everything can be done by this fabulous picture video maker app. There are many new video effects added to make an video more amazing. You can add text and symbols in videos to indicate anythings.

Film Maker Pro

Film Maker Pro will help you in editing video like a pro. Many professional movie maker of small level, use this movie make cum picture video maker app in their android. There are many video editing tools available which you will not find in any other video editing apps. You can split, trim, cut and blur the part of video. This is very easy app and can be used easily even this app can be operated by a kids. Free copyright free musics available for You tubers.

Movie Maker with Music

It is another best movie maker apps for android 2019. If you have roughly recorded the video with noisy background voice and want to remove background noise, download this app because this app can remove original voice of any video and can add new voice there. You can add text and cuty emojis in your videos. The pitch of the voice can also be changed high to low and many other features also included in this picture video maker app. So just download the app in your mobile and start editing your video.

Video Editor For You

Have you ever edit a video in a paid video editor? Yes or No, If yes, then just download this movie maker app in your mobile and you will feel like this app is better than paid photo video making app because there are many free amazing editing tools has been added in this app. This app is currently using by over  10 thousand people but as the people experience this app, it can be one of the best movie maker app. As there are thousands of free copy right free music added,  you can upload on You Tube Also.

Photo Video Maker

Make your photo slide show, add music and  export video and share it to your social media. It is so simple. Photo video maker app is very simple app. You can upload any video on this app to edit as movie’s comedy part or action part etc. Cropping, cutting splitting and adding are the best tools which is included in this photo video maker app. If you want a perfect movie maker app, this app can help you in doing so. So just download this picture video maker app in your android mobile and start making movies.

Wrapping Up

So these are the best movie maker app in which you can make a photo video for special occasion as birthday party, college function etc. Just add photos and add music, make it special memory. The picture video maker app has also trending now a days, that’s why I have included some apps from that area. Please comment about this article and also comment which of the given photo movie maker app help you in making videos. Thanks.

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