Top 10 Free Voice Changer Apps for Android 2020

Voice changer apps are very famous for its voice changing ability. Whether you want to call your friend or any one else, these apps can make your voice thin like a girl or kid and also make your voice like a boy or like man. These apps are very funny and you can prank on your friend by using this app. Many people love to sing in both boy and girl voice, for those people these apps are very useful. As you know, voice changing can make your voice perfect, if you want to impress any one with your voice on phone calls, just download the below given apps in your android mobile phone.

There are many voice changing apps available on Google play store but some of them are the best apps which will provide you all the voice changing fun. You can enjoy by calling your friends and other relatives. It is very important to have best apps which are bugs and virus free. All the given apps are fully tasted and can compatible in low performing device also. So if you are searching for ” Best voice changer apps 2019″ Download one of them are change your voice.

Top 10 Voice Changer Apps for Android 2019

Voice Changer with Effects

This is one of the best voice changer apps for android in which you will get lots of effects to apply in your voice. As this voice changer apps can make your voice so smooth and too hard and you can change your voice in robotic voice or you can save your voice like Google assistance voice. Some other effects also can apply while recording your voice. This app is compatible in low performing device also. It is very easy to use this app in your mobile. Just download, install and record.

Voice Changer

Voice Changer is another app which you can also use to change your boyish voice into girlish voice and also you can change your voice into robotic or cartoon voice only on one click. It is very easy to change as just click on record and apply effects whichever you want. Preview and save if you like, in your device.  You can preview your voice after recording it and after applying each effects on it. So if you want to enjoy your funny converted voice, download voice changer app.

Voice Changer – Audio Effect

Voice Changer audio effect is another the best voice changing with audio effect apps. Voice changer app is one of the most popular because you will get variety of  audio effects in it. Robotic voice or the most popular Google assistance voice are included in this app. Record audio, apply whichever effect you want in your voice and share it to your social media pages and channels to get the best response from your friends. This is new voice changer app and it is also bug free. So just get this app and be one of the best player.

Voice Changer Sound Effects

Have you ever seen the video in which a person is speaking in many voices as thin, girlish, robotic and computer speaking? In that video, they use voice changing app. So if you want to make your voice like that video, you must install this app in your android. There are many classical and technical voice audio effects are available as ormal, helium, hexafluoride, fast, slow, cave, chipmunk, monster, alien, big sound, small sound, bee, death…. All these audio effects with some other are available in this app. It is very easy to use and it is also lite app, so you don’t need to worry about mobile storage.

Voice Changer Voice Recorder

Record your voice, apply effects and share it to your friend our apply in your movie. It is easy to do all these task, if you use this voice changing app. You don’t need to pay anything but your voice. Just record your normal voice and make it an extra ordinary voice. There are not lots of ads and also this app is compatible to all device whether it is a low performing device or high performing device. You can install this app in your device and change your voice.

Girl Voice Changer

If you are a boy and you want to have fun by changing your voice into girl voice and surprise your friend by it, this app is the best app for you. There are many effects available as baby voice, kid voice. 14 year old girl voice , 16 year old girl voice, 24 year old girl voice and also old girl voice. You can apply all these effects in your voice by only one click. You don’t need to do all hard work, just install this fabulous application and record and apply these effects in your voice.

Voice Changer

Another voice changer app which can make your voice stunning and like a monster, just in one click. It is very fast and easy to convert voice from one effect to another effect. If you are in a party and your friends are mimicry, you can show your extra ordinary voice to friends and have fun. You don’t need internet connection to do so, just install, record and apply your voice easily. This app is developed by smart apps and smart tools. So if you are new and want to know how to change voice, by this application, you can know it easily.

Voice Changer: Super Voice Effects

If you want to filter your voice and edit your voice, this app can make it easy for your. There are lots of voice effects in this application. If you have made a movie but you think that your voice is not that good, so you must have this app in you phone. Voice changer can make your voice like a female, kids, anime stars and cartoon characters. Some of the features are not available free but once you change it, just download it in your mobile. It is very helpful in voice editing and voice filter.

Unlimited Voice Changer

Unlimited voice changer app is one of the best voice changing and voice filter app to download. In this app, you will get lots of audio to changing. You can also share it with your friend online via whats app or Facebook messenger app. Unlimited voice changer can be operate easily without any mess up settings. It can be operated by kids and even low performing device can have this app. So if you love to have such apps in your android, just install and get this app in your mobile phone.

Magic Call Voice Changer

Magic call voice changer app can make your voice like a girl if you are a boy and like a boy if you are girl. It is very easy but nice app to download. Call your friend by any unknown number and change your voice in opposite gender and enjoy his or her reaction. Funny voice over can make every moment a funny moment. It is new and very best app to download and for changing voice. If you are searching the best voice changer, this app can make your wish complete.

Wrapping Up

These are the best voice changing app in which you can apply lots of sound and audio effect  beautiful. Any one can not find out that it is fake voice. Well managed and very fast app. If you download any of the given app, please mention in comment box. You can also share your most funniest experience with us and if you know  any other best voice changing app, please mention in the comment box. Thanks.

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