Top 10 New Video Calling Apps for Android 2020

In the ancient times, there was only one medium to connect with love ones – Letter but as technology increased and we can easily connect with people by telegram or Fax but after that we can speak to our love ones by calling them. Now, you can also see your love ones live. One can watch live. There are many apps available which can easily connect us to friends and family members but only some of them are best and easy operate able. As you know, Skype, Imo are one of the best Video calling apps which provide many features to us but technology is growing many new apps are coming on Google play store. So as apps are updating themselves, you have to also update yourself along with it.

In the below given list, I have included some old ones which is updated and some new video calling apps which can provide you the best experience of Video calling. All these apps are free video calling and you can easily download it from given link or From Google play store.

Top Free Video Calling Apps for Android 2019

Google Duo

Google Duo is one of the best video calling app to download in android. This is very simple and very reliable app for video calling. It can adjust your video quality according to your internet connection speed and this video calling app tries to give best quality video chat even in slow internet connection. If your internet or wifi connection is too slow to make video call, just click on only -voice call option. If it will connect to the friend whose number is on your contact list, If they have also Google Duo Video calling App.

Live Talk- Free Video Chat

Live Talk is another best video chatting app to download  in which you have many option to improve video quality while calling to your friend. You can call HD video call to your friend. Live Talk is very accurate video chatting app and you can also voice call to your friend. If you call to your friend from Live Talk app, you don’t need  money only data charges will apply on this call. So if you want to connect to your long distance friend or family member, This free video chat app can make a memorable video talk .

imo Free Video Calls and Chat

imo is another best app for video calling. In this video chat app, you are going to get the best experience of video calling. Whether your friend is next to you or is miles away from you, doesn’t matter because video calling can connect to your friend to you like you are sitting next to him. imo is very famous and very amazing video calling app. Over 5 million people have downloaded this video chatting app in their android. So if you want to feel like you are next to your friend , just download this amazing app.

Azar- Free Video calling apps

Azar is a free video calling app to talk to some one who you don’t know before means there are millions of people connected to this app on which you can find your match and talk to them on this app by video calling. You can also video chat with your family member also. Just install this video chat app, open it and swipe and click on to the person whom you want to call. It is free and very easy to use app with simple interface and beautiful styled. So if you want to video chat with your internet buddy, you must use this app.

AW- Free Video Calls And chat

Aw is very easy and fast video calling app by which you can contact your friends and family members. AW video calling app is going to give you the best experience of talking to your love ones. If you want to connect with any stranger who is also in this app, you connect with them by just swiping right. Swipe right means you like him or her and swiping left means you dislike. Whenever you swipe right, the person will get a notification. If he or she accept the request, you can call them anywhere and any time.

Video Call

It is another video calling app which can connect you to your friends or love ones by video calling. You can set video quality so that you can easily connected to the people you love and desire to see. This video app is developed by Forbis SRO communication and over 15 thousand people have downloaded this app. Just one click and you have the person next to you. So if you want to enjoy video chatting, just download this app in your android.

Live Talk- Free Video Chat

It is another live chat app which can make your video chatting more interesting, as you can send emojis while chatting and also you can apply filter on your face. The video calling quality is so amazing and clear that you can see your love ones face clearly. It is very fast and easy to use. You will be never bored because lots of people on this app whom you can call, if they want to talk to you. You can also block any person immediately and after that they can never call you.

Free Video Calls, Chat, Text and Messenger

It is a multitasking app in which you can text, video call and also you can voice call to your friend. As it has good quality video calling, you can see your love ones face clearly. There are lots of emojis and messaging sticker which you can send while text messaging. If you don’t have enough data or your internet connection is too slow to video call, you can voice call to your friend. As this is new video calling app, some bugs available but developer have promise keep bugs away in next update.

Jio Chat HD Video Calling

Jio Chat HD video calling app is one of the best app to download. In this app, you can easily video call to your friend and family member.Experience HD Video calling with high quality voice without loading. It is very easy and less data consuming. As it is new and very best app for video calling also. If you want to connect to your friend, just download this app in your android mobile.

Skype- Free IM & Video Calls

Skype is one of the most famous video calling apps and it is available for all types of Operating system as Android, iOS and windows. Free and very easy to start calling. There are many features available and over 10 million people use this app to see their love ones on their phone. You can download this app as this app is very trusted and never let you down. Skype is bug free.

Wrapping Up

So these are the best video calling apps for android. All these video chatting apps are free and easy to use. You don’t need any extra thing to connected with your love ones. So if you want to easy and fast video call, download one of the given video calling app and call your friend. Please comment below that which one you use for video calling. Thanks.

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