Top 10 Free News Paper Reading Apps for Android 2020

Reading News Paper is a addiction for some people but in this busy life, you can not get time to sit at home or office and read news paper. Reading News paper is very important because News paper never published fake news and also you can get whole day news without watching News Channels for hours. Do you want to read news paper in your Android? Yes, It is possible to read newspaper from page first to last pages in your mobile phone via Android news papers apps. There are many news paper apps available on Google play store but only some of them authorized and produce real news.

I made list of top 10 news paper apps for android which is given below. So just read the description and download any news app in your mobile phone according to your interest.Whether it is economic sector or it is Bollywood or Hollywood, All news are includes in these apps.

Top 10 News Paper Reading Apps for Android


free news apps for android

Flipboard is one of the best news paper reading apps for android. In this new paper app, you are going to get every minute and important news from all sector. Just sit and start reading top news, top stories, top interviews and other things. This app has all types news from national to international news and from politics, sports news to economic news. After downloading this app, you will be very satisfied because you are not going to need any other app to watch news. So just download Flipboard and get news from experts.



Briefing is another best new paper app to read national and international news paper. Briefing is default app in Samsung mobile but if you are using any other app, briefing is one of the best app. Top Politics leader interviews, international economics news, Economics survey and all other important news are available in this app. Just choose category about which you want to read and start reading. So if you are not Samsung user and want to get important news daily, just download this news paper app.

Google News

Google news is one of the best news apps in which you get latest news, breaking news more early than any other news paper apps. This is a Google app and Google has make their such reputation that you can’t ignore this app. From popular conversation to popular surveys. Share market prediction, sport news, science news and technology news all news are available at one place. You can also Google to know the latest news.

News York Times – News paper App

News York Times is very serious news paper app where you are going to get all news paper articles and conversation from first page to last one. Sport news, economic, Politics and other news are available here. It is very important to stay update and this app give news updated 24 hours and 7 days without missing any news. This is official app of New York times paper. So if you love to read New York Time new paper, just get this app in your phone.

CNN News

CNN is one of the best app for new updates. Breaking news from all sector from minute to large national and international news every minute. As you know, CNN is one of the best News channels, you can also watch live CNN news channel through this app. Get world wide news from science to funny jokes and from technology to politics, every thing at one place. Never ending interviews and magazine all are available on this app. Over one million people stay update from this app.

Pocket News app

Get big news and important interviews and entertaining gossips in your pocket. Just one click can open the world of news. Whether you want to get read economic article or sport article, here in this app, you are going to find every this. If you love to film industries and want to follow their routine, Pocket news apps will provide you all these things. There are almost 10 categories as Sport news, Political news, International news etc. So just choose theĀ  category and read the news you want.

News360: Personalized news paper app

News 360 is one of the best app to get your personal choice news at one place. Whether you are job seeker or want stay update your correct affair topics or you want to invest your money in share market. This app is going to provide all these news papers at your finger tips. Choose the category about which you want to read and get knowledge. You can add your favorite category to get notification about that category news.

BuzzFeed News

Buzzfeed news app is the best app to read news whenever you get time. It doesn’t matter when and where you are, you are going to get all news updates through this app. Sports news, reading popular news articles and getting daily economical updates are too easy to read. If you don’t get time to sit and read news paper, BuzzFeed News app can make your task too easy. So just download the app start reading virtual news paper.

Yahoo News Digest – A News App to read news Paper

Yahoo is one of the most trusted news app by which it is very easy to stay updates. Reading news papers’ article is very important for students and for the people who care about world. Whether it is about country or international matter, you are not going to get one sided conversation. It will be multi perspective views. Daily top 10 stories from national to international and from every category. So if you want to getĀ  trusted news and serious matter articles, this app is the best news app to download.

Smart News: Breaking News Headline

Smart News is one of the best news app and also it is most popular award winning app. It is very easy to browse breaking news headlines. It updates continuously to give you every single news about world. It is downloaded by over 35+ million people from also 100 countries. Whether you are a job seeker and want to update your correct affair or you want to be a share market expert. Just download this smart news app and start reading news.

Wrapping Up

So these are one of the best news paper apps for reading. All these apps are world’s best new channels which provide you pure and fresh news updates. If you are eager to read news paper but you don’t get time, these app can save your time and give you the whole knowledge about which you want to know. Please mention in the comment box that which of the above given app is the best and which one of the them you downloaded in your android? Thanks for reading and commenting.

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