Top 10 Free Voice Calling Apps for Android 2020

As you know, now a days voice calling is more costly than internet packs. It is costly because internet data consumption is more than voice calling. People don’t have time to stick their phones to their ears so that we prefer text messaging on social media sites and apps as whats app, Facebook Messenger, snap chat etc. But sometimes voice calling is more important and confidential than text message. If you want such voice calling apps which only consumes internet data not your mobile balance, there are many Free voice calling apps available on Google play store which allow you to do so.

Here I made a list of free voice calling apps which are free and very accurate app. So if you want to download, just read the description and choose according to your requirement. Some apps have many features which can entertain you while talking to your favorite and love ones.

Top 10 Free Voice Calling Apps for Android 2019

Facebook Messenger

Free voice calling apps

Facebook Messenger is one of the best free voice calling app. This is official Facebook app which is firstly introduce for Facebook messaging but now you can also voice call and video call by using this app. Send stickers and be live on your Facebook. The voice quality and video quality is depend upon your internet connection. If internet speed is strong, you will get HD video calling and Voice calling. Call any of your family member or friend which available on Facebook.

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Google Duo

Free calling app for android

Google Duo is also a Video calling app in which you can easily get connected with your relatives and love ones. You can call your friends and family member free by its voice calling features. The voice calling sound is so clear that you can listen every thing. You can convert your voice calling into video calling and video calling into voice calling by the help of this app. There are many features available as you can send emojis and sticker while voice calling. So Just download this official Google voice calling app in your android.

GrooVe IP VolP Call& Text

Free voice calling app 2019

Groove IP VolP is one of the best Voice calling app for android. This is very entertaining app because you can text someone while texting. This will give you an US number to call some one. This voice calling app will also give you free credits for watching ads. As this is free app, there are many ads but if you think ads are annoying, you can get premium subscription to get rid off ads. So just download this fabulous voice calling app 2019.

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Voice calling app Google

Hang Out is another voice calling cum text messaging app. This is very popular app which you can make a default messaging app so that it will receive all your message and you can use this voice calling app to send messages. Your friends who are on Hang Out will automatically be connected to your Hangout and like this you can make voice call to your friend by using Hang out. So if you want to voice call your friends and text to your friend also. Just download this app in your mobile phone.


Voice calling HD for free

Skype is also best voice calling cum video calling app in which you can get all features which is required for a voice calling. You can make friends and invite your friend to come on Skype App. As this is number 1 video calling app and daily over 10 million people come and use this app for voice call and video call. A clear voice with no ad feature make this app the best calling app. Call your friend, enjoy the moment.

Signal Private Messenger

Best voice calling app

This is another app which can be used for voice calling. In this app, you will get chance to talk to your friends and social media friends within a second. Chat with your friend free without fearing for SMS charges. All things are free. You can also share your videos and quotes to your friend circle and don’t worry about your privacy because this app never store your chats and other things. You can also don’t about your private chats. So chat without fear.

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Slack Messenger voicecall app

Are you searching for Voice calling apps which can make your voice calling clear as a crystal. You can use it as a team communicator. Invite your team member and discuss what ever you want to as the voice quality is so clear. Slack is one of the best app for texting and video calling also. If once you call by using this app, you will be Slack friend. So if you haven’t try this app, just download today in your mobile start chatting and voice calling.

TextNow: Free Texting & Calling App

Voice calling app for android free

TextNow is another best messaging and voice calling app to download. In this app, you will get new Canada or US number which you can give to your relative and friends. On the number they can call you. If you are from Canada and USA, you can send free text messages to your friend and also you can call to Canada and USA free of Cost. International calling is also very cheap. So if you want like this complete app, just download this app.

Viber Messenger

Viber messanger app for download

Viber messenger is another best voice calling app to call your relatives and love ones. Whether you are calling to foreign or in local it is absolutely free. The voice calling quality is very high. There are almost one billion users. So tell your friends and talk to them one Viber free voice calling app. Text messages can also be sent. There are very funny and loving stickers and emojis available which you can use while texting to someone.

Jio 4G Voice

Jio 4G voice calling app

It is one of the best voice calling app for android users. This app allow you to call your friends and relatives,whether they are in foreign or they are in your country. Whether they are using landline or smart phones. It can improve your low performing device capability. If you phone doesn’t have Volt, this is best way to call to your loves ones. The voice quality is so crystal clear. You can also hd video call. So if you love such apps, download this free voice calling app.

Wrapping Up

So these are the best voice calling app for android users. All these given app can be used for texting, voice calling and video calling without any extra charges. All the given voice calling apps are free of cost. If you know about any other best voice calling app which can provide the given facility, please mention in the comment box. IF you downloaded any one of the above given apps, please describe its pros and cons in comment box so that our user can get idea and they can choose easily. Thanks


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