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Top 10 Free Keyboard Apps for Android 2020

Many of us, use default (pre-installed) keyboard in android. If you think of using other third party keyboard apps because pre-installed keyboard are too simple to types and also it hasn’t much emojis to express out expression. This is the first reason why people prefer third party keyboard emoji apps. Google play store has millions of keyboard apps which can make your mobile’s keyboard colorful and beautiful. These emoji friendly keyboards have also some other features like it can predict what you are going to write according to your previous written matters and you can use your pictures on keyboard skin. So having third party keyboard apps can increase your phone attractiveness more.

Have you ever tried it? No, now it’s your time to make your android phone’s keyboard more beautiful and helpful to you. Here I have shared 10 keyboard which can improve your typing speed and also have a hundreds of emojis to share with your friends and co workers. Please read the description and click on the link to download it from google play store.

Top 10 Emoji Keyboard Apps for Android 2019

Swift Key

top keyboard apps for android

Swift Key is one of the best keyboard android apps 2019. This keyboard apps have variety of emojis + many themes which you can change time to time. There are millions of theme to choose and download. This keyboard apps android have spelling error detection and auto correct features. It will make your typing so smooth that your typing speed will increase automatically. Swift key android keyboard can learn quickly and adapt to it to guess which word you are going to type.

Cheetah Keyboard – Emoji & Sticker Keyboard

keyboard apps for android 2019

Cheetah Keyboard is another keyboard which can make your typing easier and you can express your expression more easily as there are many 3D emojis and other cute and funny emojis to share. It has lots of 3D keyboards which you can apply on keyboard. You can also set your own photo on keyboard screen. Smooth typing experience and error detecting quality make this android keyboard app more attractive that other apps. It has over one million downloads. So you can trust this Emoji & Sticker Keyboard.

Gboard – The Google Keyboard

Keyboard apps for android 2019

Gboard is a Google keyboard app to download in android 2019. This app has many amazing features like you can type faster as it can your next word according to your typing history. You can switch over 100 easily and type in that language easily also it give you the chance of auto correction make so that you can write spelling correctly. Gboard has also google search and share feature means if you want to share anything from google, just click on G in the keyboard and share it to your friend while typing. Lots of Emojis and GIF are there also to you in expressing things.

Top Keyboard – Emojis & Themes

Emojis keyboard apps for android

Are you lover of emojis & themes while typing text? this text app can make your typing more interesting and can fill all your requirements while texting to someone. Many types of emojis, themes and 3D sticker are available for you. In this keyboard, auto correction is under your control means you can turn off and on it. Sometimes when we text in our own language, it auto correction hurts. So top keyboard is another text keyboard app which can make your typing more interesting.

TouchPal Keyboard – Cute Emojis, theme. sticker & GIFs

Touchpal Keyboard apps for android

TouchPal Keyboard allows you to type single handily typing and swipe typing with one finger. While typing you will get many types of Emojis and sticker & GIFs to express your talkings. Voice typing is another best feature of touchpal Keyboard. Just click on the mike and speak whatever you want say to your other side person and it will type automatically with accurate spellings. Keyboard theme can be created and also can be downloaded from internet. You can also apply your photo on keyboard skin.

 New 2019 Keyboard

Emojis keyboard apps for android

This keyboard android app is most famous app in 2019. New keyboard has lots of emojis and themes which can make your phone attractive and typing friendly. The best of this keyboard is you can type smoothly and by using one finger over keyboard. There are lots of emojis and themes which can make your chatting more comfortable and funny. Use your own keyboard background from gallery and sound can be also chosen. So if you want to change your android’s keyboard, this text keyboard can complete your wish.

Fast Typing Keyboard Apps

fast typing keyboard apps for android new

It is the keyboard which can improve your typing speed and also way of your typing text. There are tons of emojis, themes, GIF and stickers for every ewe and festivals. So if you love to send sticker and emojis while chatting to someone. This app will help you. You can also customize the keyboard theme and apply your image or any other your favorite person’s image on the screen of keyboard. There are lots of fonts which can be applied while texting to someone.

Go Keyboard – Cute Emojis, themes and Sticker 2019

Keyboard apps for smooth typing

Go keyboard is another the best keyboard apps for android 2019.  Go keyboard has also 5 million downloads and over 99% rating on it. There are lots of emojis and themes available for you. Go keyboard has a feature by which you can convert your real photo in cartoon photo which looks like you. In this key board, you can express your almost every expression only by emojis and stickers. Sticker and GiF can be downloaded in this keyboard. So if you love to share and make your type faster and express able text messages, just download this amazing keyboard in your android mobile 2019.

Xploree AI Keyboard- New stickers, emojis, themes

Fast typing keyboard apps for android

This is another best keyboard with new stickers everyday and new emojis every day. The auto correction and prediction feature is just amazing. You don’t need to use other keyboard use in other messaging app like whats app or messenger, This keyboard can be used in whats app and messenger for better typing. The lover of sticker and themes must have this top keyboard apps in their android phone. Always new updates brings more and more features. So this app is improved daily basis.

Flash Keyboards – For better Text Messaging

Keyboard apps for emojis and sticker to send

Flash Keyboard is one of the top keyboard app for android. In this keyboard app, there are lots of emojis and stickers to send. Stickers are updated timely according to upcoming festivals. If you are cricket lover, you will love this app because there are lots of cricketing sticker from out to your favorite players stickers and ipl stickers which can be shared in whats app and messenger.  So if you want to download such app, just download it in your mobile phone.

Wrapping Up

So these are the best keyboard apps for android phone. In this keyboard apps, you can get more than 1000 new sticker and emojis to share with your friends to make a most memorable text messaging. So if you want to download such games, just download one of the keypad apps in your android and start typing. If you download any one of them, please comment about that app in the below given comment box. Thanks.