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10 No WiFi Puzzle Games for Android 2020

Do you really want to know how to concentrate your mind and also want to sharp your mind? If yes, puzzle games are good for you. Puzzle games can provide best exercise to your mind. These games are very important for kids and young age group people. In this type of games, it is very difficult to solve puzzle but it is not impossible. So just use your mind and use all tricks to solve it. There are two types of puzzle games available on Google play store- Online And Offline. Online puzzle games can be played with your friends while offline games can be played solo. In online games, you’ll need internet connection to play it but in offline games, you don’t need internet connect. For those people, who don’t have wifi or internet network always, offline puzzle games are best.

For those people who love to play offline games, I made a list of top 10 no wifi puzzle games. These games are based on best puzzles games and will train your mind and sharp your mind. All the given puzzle games are offline and free for you. So just read the list and download the game which match with your taste.

10 Best Offline Games for Android Phone 2019

Fruit Fancy

Best offline puzzle game for android 2019

Fruit Fancy is an best offline Games for Android phone. In this game, you need to match three or more than three same fruit in a row horizontally or vertically to burst it and get point. There are hundreds of level in this game, so just cross one level to get to another and the level next is more difficult than level previous. So just play this game and sharp your mind. If you ever played Candy Crush game, you can play it easily. Concentration is very important in this game. You have to pay attention to whole row so that you may find the match. There is a hint option by using it you can get a hint to solve the problem.

 Bubble Levels

Offline Bubble Game for android

Bubble Levels is another puzzle game with same pattern of Candy Crush Saga in which you have to match three same color bubble to burst it. Bubble is a very famous offline puzzle game. It is very addictive game for kids and adults. If you love doing brain exercise, this game is best for you. In this game, you goal is very simple to empty all the given bubbles. After bursting all the bubble, you can get to next level which is harder than previous one. So if you love to play such bubble game, just download it and start playing. As it is a offline puzzle game, you don’t need internet connection to play it.

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Jewel Star OZ Adventure

Jewel Star Puzzle Game for android

Jewel Star OZ adventure is also very famous puzzle game in which you have to solve a puzzled jewel stars which are searching for it match to get lost. Your task is to match at least three Jewel Star to get them lost. Jewel Star OZ Adventure is offline game which allow its user to play game without using internet connection. It is developed by Great puzzle game developer. So if you love watching your favorite jewel, just download this game and start playing it in your android phone.

Word Search Game

Word Search puzzle game for android

Word Search Game is an offline puzzle game in which you have to search English words which is hidden in the given table. If you are a student and you want to learn while playing games, this game is must played game for you. As you know, nowadays English is very important so if you want to improve your English vocabulary, just download this game. There are lots of levels and rewards waiting for you. In this game, you don’ t have to wait for result because of low internet connection. If you think that you can’t find the hidden word just click on the hint and get the result. So just play this game and improve your English vocabulary.

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Escape Game

Escape puzzle game for android

Escape Game is another best puzzle game for android in which you will be given 50 room and you have to go through all the room. Every room’ door is closed and every door is locked with puzzle. So first of all, you have to solve the puzzle to unlock the door and then you can enter in the next room. This is very interesting and addictive game to play. In starting of the game, puzzles are easy to solve but as the game progress, you will need more and more concentration an sharp mind to solve it. Escape game has been downloaded by over 1 lakh people. So if you want play such addictive offline puzzle game, download it through given link.

Unblock Ball:- Block Puzzle

Unblock puzzle game for android

Unblock Ball is a block puzzle game for you in which you will be given a picture or image and in which a ball is blocked because the parts of picture are not placed properly so you have to solve the puzzle to give path to ball to go to the hole. If you manage to give the path to hole, you’ll win the match. So this is very interesting to play such puzzle game in your mobile. This game can be played in even low performing device. So don’t worry about your device, just go to your mobile phone and start playing it in your device. So if you love playing puzzle game, you must try this game.

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Marble Temple Quest

Marble puzzle game for android

Marble Temple Quest is another intense puzzle game for android. It is very intense and fast game to play. This game really need a fast mind to play. In this game, there are many marble rolling around your to go to finish line and you goal is not to let marble to end line because if the marbles reached to end line game will up and you will lose. You need to burst all the marble on the way or on the starting point. To Burst or destroy the game, you have to shoot match three same color marbles respectively. So if you love fast and offline marble puzzle games, you must play this game in your mobile phone.

Where is My Water 2

Where is my water puzzle game offline

Where is my water is a water puzzle game. It is very funny offline puzzle game for puzzle game lovers. As where is my water? 1 success, now where is my water 2 is introduced. This is anther fast game with new location. In this game, you have make path for water to go to sea. The faster you dig, the faster you get points and you can save that animal from water flood. There are 100 level to crack but you have to go through all level. Just solve level 1 puzzle to get to the level 2 puzzle. So if love to play puzzles, just download this game and start playing it. It is very important to make path for water and if you can’t then you will loose the game.

Block Puzzle

Offline block puzzle game for android

It is also one of the best puzzle games for the puzzle game lovers, In this game, you will get one of the best puzzles of the world where you have to set block wisely to disappear the puzzles. You have to think before setting blocks on the ground because if you set it wrongly, you can’t undo it. So just think before setting it up. Once you fill all the empty spaces, the game will be over and you will get to another lever which is harder than previous one. So if you want to play such block puzzle game, just download this game and start playing it.

Happy Glass

Happy glass puzzle game for android

Happy Glass is one of the best puzzle games for kids. In this game, you have to fill the empty glass with water. Water is on the above side of your mobile screen and you have make a way to glass to fill it. It is also very fast game to play. Happy Glass is very interesting and addictive puzzle game to play it. There are hundreds of levels and each level is harder that previous one. You can also challenge your friends to download.

Wrapping Up

These are the best puzzle games to train a mind and sharp a mind. As all the given puzzle games are offline, you don’t need internet or wifi connection to play it. It is very important to play such puzzle games because it will boost your mind. Have you ever tried to solve puzzle games? If no, try to one of them. Download one of them and mention about that game in below given comment box so that our user may get the best result. Thanks.